Chatting Or Overchatting?

This year it was my turn to organize Christmas event for my son’s class & I love organizing events of course but that is not what I am going to talk about here…

The thing is , it’s not only me who is organizing but another kid’s mom too who is such a sweet person but I am not going to talk about her either….

I am kind of a person who loves to talk…& my friends know that I sometimes can talk a bit more than required…not that there is anything wrong with it but I seriously sometimes forget how much small-talk with someone is chatting or overchatting?

Not sure if semi-strangers note it but like yesterday while I was talking to this other mom who by the way is pregnant with due date now in December. I met her to give her something and instead of just keeping our meeting quick, I told her this ” let me know when baby arrives & if there is anything at all I can do for you, just give me a call!!”

Seriously?? Like what will she think about me? I have talked to her may be like 5 times & suddenly I am talking about providing her all help with her newborn!!! Please tell me that it’s not abnormal ! Does anyone else feels the same?

Just had to share this because I can’t forget the expression she gave me when I offered her all the worlds help ūüėā Hope a few of you do the same & regret doing it but the good thing is that tomorrow I will do something similar & forget all about it!

Have a lovely Thursday evening ‚̧



Tiny Minds…

A few days ago while I was driving to my mom’s with my 7 years old in the back seat, listening to the radio and there it came Nico & Vinz’s song ” That’s how you know you are fucked up…”

Sometimes you are listening to music and not paying attention to the words in a song…well at least I don’t! I have listened this song like hundres of times before, but when my daughter was singing it loudly , I just had to stop for a bit and as I was about to change the radio station, I realized that she was singing something else…every time the word ” fucked up” came she said ” fakta” (which means “fact” in Norwegian. For a second I did not know if I shall change the radio station or I shall let it play…For a tiny second I wanted to explain to her what ” fucked up” meant and that it is not a pretty word, but then I did not say anything because I decided that no harm is done as she is listening it like some other word….

Ever since that day, I have been thinking about it…. so I thought I’ll share this here and may be hear what you have to say? How do you respond when your child asks something or says something which you feel is not appropriate rite now? Because we all want our children to learn pretty words, rite?

I personally believe that we are living in a time, where there are no boundries left. I really want to protect my children from so many things but that is not possible. Even on daily basis I know they hear things that they should not. I feel sad but a long time ago I decided that I will not have this sad feeling overtake me. Like every mother out there, I wish this world was easier and safer but it’s not. When I send my children to school, I know they will hear things and experience things which will make them sad or confused. If they are very lucky, may be they will experience minor things, but who knows how lucky they are…?

I have never been an over protective mother and although I always tell my children how magical and beautiful this life is, I also tell them how this world works. For example the other day, when my daughter told me about an incident in class, I told her that it’s the way it is. She had hard time accepting that people can be mean. I told her that, in life you will meet many people ….and many will be nice to you, but then you will also meet people who will be mean and sometimes you will get hurt, but remember you will move on and you will feel better as long as you are strong. To which she replied ” Yes I am strong”. And I know she is!

Children are so fragile & we want to protect them from so many things going on around us. Like every other mom out there, I too want to protect mine. I have chosen to tell mine that life is very beautiful but I have also chosen to tell them that not everything in it is like a fairytale. I just hope and pray that they grow up to be mentally strong and happy ‚̧

Have a lovely evening everyone ūüėä

To Live Or To Exist….

There is a fine line between living and existing…have you ever wondered what you are doing? I sometimes, just like you guys think about people who leave us, leave us in a way that they start a new chapter in their lives, or leave us in a way that they leave this world…they die….

When something bad happens in our lives, it leaves a print, some of us want to hide ourselves from the world and others try their hardest to face the reality. Today I will share something which is super important to me and which I hope can help someone out there…

Like everyone else I have faced my struggles, I have had my share of bad days and bad memories, things and relations that did not work out but as far as I can remember I never ever let anyone decide whether I will live, or just exist! I always have chosen to live….and to live to the fullest!

Because…I know how precious this life is…I do not control things which happen around me, but I do control how I react to things and how I choose to live. There is no guarantee of my tomorrow, just like there is no guarantee of your tomorrow but WE have a choice, we always do!!! Do you want to sit there one day and see your life in a flashback and regret about the things you did not do? Do you want to sit there one day and ask yourself, “Did I care much? Did I love much? Did I give up too early?”

Don’t just exist… alive! live every moment! Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. You have nothing to loose if you just show someone that you care! If you want to achieve something in life…go and get it! And if you miss your target, your goal…try again! Failure is when you don’t try! Trying and failing is the best thing you can ever do….

I tell my kids almost every day that this life is magical…because it is!!

I am alive, I can breathe, I can feel and I can LIVE…


Oscar Wilde once said and I quote:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”

It’s totally up to you if you want to live or merely exist in this world?

The choice is yours….

And on that note, Good night! Sleep tight:-)


You Are A Reason To Smile…

Hello Sunday!

I am making lasagne today and admiring the beautiful Fall from my kitchen window. I love Sundays because most of them are so relaxed, just like today & I am so thankful for that!



As I may have told you guys that I do not plan to write about a specific thing, I just get an idea or if I think about something while doing a chore, and if I can’t stop thinking about it, I just have to pen it!

I met someone this weekend and have thought about this person ever since!

There are some people you meet, who leave a mark, not only because they are beautiful but their whole existence makes a difference. They are called the happy & positive people!

I have never understood why some people always complain and no matter how easy things are for them, let it be life or anything else in life, they still find something to complain about! I always wonder how someone can do it?

Also I never understand why people don’t let go of their past? Why sticking to things that happened once upon a time? And specially things that make you even more negative?

I have always believed that being happy and positive is something you can decide. Somethings are beyond your control, but attitude and positivity is yours and only yours. You will be surprised to see what your positive attitude can do to you! And I am telling you rite here and rite now…that it can do wonders!¬† Trust me!

Don’t get me wrong, I know people are different and have different stories, but everyone have a story, you will be surprised to know that the happiest person you are seeing have had the most difficult stories…So take a moment and tell yourself, if they can do it, why can’t you?

So this post is actually a dedication to all those people who face real difficulties in life, but they find a way to smile! And you should know that..Your smile is the most beautiful in the world and you give this life a purpose! So be proud of yourself!!!

No matter where life takes you, find a reason to smile, and most of all …you should know that, YOU are a reason to smile! Never loose hope and never ever think you can’t do it, because you can!

So guys spread positive vibes and don’t always try to be nice. Sometimes you have to take a distance from those whose energy makes you negative, even if it’s for a tiny second!

Take care of yourself and be Positive and stay Happy!

And on this note a very happy Sunday and get ready for a new week!




Coffee with Sisdiaries!

When I got married, for about a million years ago…..I was lucky enough to have my sister and my friends to do all the wedding decoration. I literally did not know what was going on. The moment I entered the wedding hall, as a bride of course,¬† the decor made me cry! ( And of course the song that was playing in the background and my father’s face). Making long story short, my lovely bunch of girls, did a splendid job and I am forever thankful!

But not everyone is as lucky as I was!

A wedding requires so much planning. A bride has to think about millions of things, and if you have to design, purchase, plan and decorate your wedding venue…just imagine , wouldn’t it be so much easier to let someone else do it?? Someone who truly is passionate about it and will give you, your dream wedding, without you getting exchausted and tired?

Yes guys! Today my Coffee with Sisdiaries is about a very talented and creative girl who is willing to make every effort to give you a dream wedding! I am talking about the creator of Bullevents, Fatma!



I can talk on and on but let’s check out her interview with me followed by some pictures which I took some time ago while she was styling a wedding venue. The way she turned it into a beautiful venue was amazing! Thank you for inviting me Bull Events!

Let’s enjoy my interview with her…..






                                                    THE INTERVIEW


How did you come up with the name Bullevents?

I wanted to choose a name which represents me, my ambition and my goal. It was a tough job but I eventually landed on choosing “Bullevents”, inspired by the publishing company my husband runs with the name Bull Media Consulting AS.

Was weddingplanning something you had planned or did it happened all of a sudden?

Not at all! Although I find myself quite creative and love transforming simple things into a wow object. But it was first when I did decoration at my own wedding that this thought hit me!. Also because my friends and my husband encouraged me and appreciated my work. It was mainly at that moment that my mind started working and planning.

What was your main aim and ambition?

I wanted to introduce something unique. A concept that was missing and I also wanted my clients to be a part of planning all the details with me without getting a ready-made stage. My aim has always been to do something different every time and avoid do overs.






Lovely flowers from Rosita flower shop who came to deliver fresh flowers while I was there to see Bullevents in action!





What is the average price of your event?

It’s a bit difficult to answer, mainly because every project I do is different. I try to co-operate with my clients and try to find a budget that suits them. My aim is not to charge my clients with uneccessary costs but to give them an experience of a life time which they can cherish for ever! I prefer quality instead of quantity and me designs reflect who I am.

You have some remarkable pieces! May I ask where do you buy you project displays/ pieces from

I love unique things and funny that you ask, because I actually go to vintage auctions and shops to look for pieces I can use in my wedding projects, for example. my favourite is these candelabras! The wooden wall you see in the picture have I built myself and so proud of it.



How has your experience been so far, in terms of client experience and feedback?
I feel that I have been lucky enough to have clients who understands how much time and effort I put in the projects I do for them. I appreciate and love when my clients see all the work because it is not just a wooden wall and curtains you are seeing, its hard work, good purchases, long nights of working and being creative. This mirror wall you are seeing is actually something I have made myself.
What sorts of services do you offer?
Normally I offer a full package which includes consultation, planning and designing the entire concept.
Can you share your first experience with the audience?
In one word…CHAOTIC! But something I often smile about and so proud of!
My very first clients was this lovely couple who trusted me even when I had nothing to show them. Usually I show my clients my previous work, but at that time I had nothing to show other than my sketch, which they approved and went with it. I would like to mention that at that time I did not even have my equipment ready. Things were purchased but not delivered yet. It’s difficult to tell how I felt at that time, but keeping my fingers crossed and with a pounding heart and of course a plan B, I kept on hoping for the best. And lucky for me things worked out and the equipment was delivered on time.
For this particular event, I ordered flowers from India which were stopped by the Food Safety Authority due to the lack of some certificates. So making long story short, my flowers were finally delivered to the venue just two hours before the function started. It was a nerve -racking experience but so much fun when I think about it now!
Last but not the least, anything you would like to say or suggest to newcomers or someone who is passionate about this field? Also to your future clients?
Starting something requires a lot of courage but also an ambition to do something that will be remembered by everyone. I feel I have started a trend of for example fresh flower wall and mirror floor as seen in my last event and I am very excited to show my future clients all the ideas I have in my mind. Being creative is one thing, but this field requires lots of patience and then of course be humble because that is a matter of utmost importance!
To my future clients, I would like to say that be prepared before booking a session with me, write down all your ideas and have in mind all the questions you want to ask. My aim is to give my clients the best of experience but it requires good communication with the clients. I am here to give you your dream wedding!
It’s difficult to describe in words, but watching someone who just finished decorating a venue and stands back to admire her own work, is an amazing feeling! A proud moment for her of course!
So that’s a wrap!
Seeing Bullevents in action, checking that everything was perfect made me think that this is quite a tough job which requires lot of respect and appreciation! I saw how important it was for her to check every tiny detail! A huge amount of respect!
I just want to sum this whole experience in one sentence…..When starting something, no matter what it is , start with all your heart, and the success will eventually come!
And on this note, have a good night and a very happy new week! Smile & make others smile ūüôā


I am a Mom & I don’t have time!

How many times have I heard myself saying this?

How many times have I heard other mothers saying this? Millions!

Because everyone else and everything else comes before me! WHY?

Why don’t we ever hear men saying this?

It happened to me and I took a charge!

I was quick enough to not hold myself back and started making time for myself…I started literally by making 15 minutes for myself every single day. I did not care what I did with those 15 minutes, I did not do facial, or combed my hair, or made a phone call. I just sat there and did almost nothing. I chose a small chunk of time without marking it on calender or putting an alarm on my phone. I just sat there and relaxed! And today I find time for myself, no matter where I am, or how busy my life is. My children are getting exact same amount of attention or even more ( I just confirmed with my son!) I have involved my children in my passion, the way I have always been involved in every tiny thing they do.

I do everything I am supposed to do and I don’t complain about my million tasks every day because that’s how it is and that’s how it will remain so why not just take one day a time?




Taking care of yourself is not complicated. It can be as simple as a 5 minute break! So take a break and do something you love doing!

Good night:-)

Gossip makes me…. WHAT?

What is the one thing that comes in your mind when someone says the word ” gossip”?

Take a moment and think…

I also took a moment and felt drained! It may be that my life is so hectic nowadays…and I am sure many of you feel the same but the word ” gossip” makes me super tired.

God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we could listen more and may be talk less ¬†(hence one mouth and two ears?) When we open our mouths we can either bless or curse and it only takes a spark,to¬†set off a forest fire. I believe that a careless or wrongly placed word out of your mouth can do that….. which is quite scary….

It’s not that I am a Saint and have never gossiped, I do every now and then and I have always thought that as long as my ” discussion” about someone is not harmful and is anonymous, it’s ok! But is it really ok?

Before I share my thoughts about this topic, I would firstly like to say that this is just my opinion, not a critic to anyone, anywhere in the world and I did not actually planned to write about it, just like I never actually plan about my posts, except of course ” Coffee with Sisdiaries” ( By the way, did you read the first one? ). ¬†Anyways…..I just got an idea while I was at work and felt that it’s good to have a loose talk about something all of us do, one way or the other!

Secondly…and it’s very very important that I mention that a large number of my friends literally and I mean it, are not a gossiper ( if that’s a word). There has been times that me and my friends have talked about someone but that is it. And as I am writing this, I am thinking hard if it is accurate information and I am feeling proud that it is.

But I also have people in my life who keep on talking about same topics, same people over and over again…and I feel drained! I feel that there is no end! Luckily the number is very very small…its almost next to nothing! So thank God for that!

Once I was talking to my sister ( who by the way, is wiser than me) , so as we were talking about a certain thing, she said ( which in fact is something I know too, even if she is the wiser one…lol ). Anyways she said that if a friend of yours is talking about another good friend making you feel that this other friend is strange or a character, then you should be aware of this friend of yours….I actually got a bit irritated but lately I have realized that once a person you call your very good friend talks too much about every other person, you should be aware of this person…because you might be the next target.

I have learned the hard way that gossip in fact betrays a confidence!


I don’t know why but this picture which I didn’t take for this blogpost suddenly seems too appropriate to use here!


Then there is another aspect to this very topic. What if I want to share an information for the sake of getting some advice. Can I share the information without using names? or make it very anonymous? Is it still a gossip??

We “girls” are very good at sharing information and I do it all the time, but may be we should wait a second and think about why are we talking and sharing this much? And filter the information which I have to share contra what I feel talking about just to fill the air!

What do you do, when someone is sharing an information which you are not interested in hearing? Do you keep on listening or making a small talk around it or do you stop that person? Can anyone have this much courage to do it?? I don’t! It requires guts to tell people you like that this is not a topic you are interested in discussing or hearing for that matter!

Can we try to be better by encouraging each other to avoid inappropriate information. I mean you should share it by all means if you feel like doing it and if you feel like listening it. But the dilemma is, what if you are not interested????

I believe that what comes out of your mouth gives a picture of what is truly in your heart. If you are bitter, angry, or unforgiving your words will probably not be full of love.  But may be if you allow your heart to be filled with mercy, grace, and love ,your words will be filled with the same.

May be we should instead of thinking about others, fill our hearts with courage ,satisfaction and confidence to see just the good in other people? And think every time we try to share an information if we are sharing just for the sake of sharing to fill the air? I know I have to work on it. Do you too???

Lastly I believe that if your heart is filled with a bad feel after you gossiped, it’s a good thing! It’s a good feel.

And on this note, I wish everyone a great week ahead! Make the best of every single minute and enjoy your life. Love ya!












Tiny feet & my horoscope slays!

Todays horoscope for Gemini was all about writing and wrting something pleasant! Well here I am sitting late in the night and writing a pleasant thing. I am taking my inspiration from this picture of me and tiny feet, in the background which have made me smile since yesterday…..




As a mother ,you live, breathe, and sacrifice for the well-being of your children. Seeing them happy makes you happy, and seeing them sad, makes you sad! It’s so much fun to see them enjoy things you enjoy and most of all see them appreciate things you do…because you do the same with them and for them. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me it’s such a delight to see that my kids enjoy with me and that’s a happy thing!

They say that the relation between a mother and a child can never be compared with any other relation, and I believe this, but I also believe that this relation also need proper care and nourishment to be sucessful. You have to have a light side and show your children that you can also have fun and you are not just a person who makes rules.

Sometimes, you are in your own world, not realizing that your kids are having time of their life just watching you pose! I think it’s a good thing. Instead of getting bored, they are all in and having so much fun on their own way. I asked them yesterday if it was fun for them to stand behind me and they started laughing. ( PS. I also found out that there were two more feet there which are not visible in the picture…My son told me that he was standing right behind my daughter). I loved this picture so much that I shared it on my instagram and recieved so much love for it. So thank you all for liking all the normal things ūüôā

This post was supposed to be pleasant so to make it more pleasant I want to share a few clicks of this dress which everyone loved so much. I did not honestly know that so many would love it so much…. so thanks a lot ūüôā I love it too, it’s super cute!

So here you go….










I never do a dress post and I am not sure if I would do one , but it’s fun sharing a few clicks just when you are talking about something else! Do give me feedback!

Last but not the least , a note to self and to my lovely readers: Surround yourself with good thoughts, enjoy every moment and appreciate everything!

And on this note, Good night lovely people:-)


Parenting is not easy….

Sitting here on my couch, having a cup of really well deserved tea ( everyday chae), newly washed hair and watching 1st episode of season 5 of Orphan Black….

I want to take a moment and be thankful for all the good things I have in my life! and most of all my sweetest children who make me strong and positive because of their positive natures!






I was thinking that this weekend has gone so smooth. Lately I have been observing that after all the renovation, mess and misplaced things, I get a little stressed and that results in that I get irritated many times a day. Imagine that we grown ups have a tendency to be so stressed so think about children! How do they tackle it!!! It was a time that my son started telling our neighbours that he did not like going home because everything is so messy! Poor thing!!

Multiple times in the past weeks I have argued with my children, and they have argued back which stressed me even more because honestly you think that kids should do everything as they are told to but with growing age, they get different personalities and opinions which should absolutely be heard!

Children love to argue if they feel that grown ups are arguing back! In a hope of taking control we just miss the point and are caught up in this really bad circle. I have learned that all types of arguing is in fact not bad! You just have to understand if their arguing is positive or negative…

Things are luckily getting much better at home as some of you have seen bits of my new home ( after renovation) on instagram stories. I will try to do a post when we are completely done!

Anyways I was saying that I have understood that the more you show your children that you are in a mood to argue, they will keep on pushing your buttons. My advice : Don’t stay in the situation or you will get angry!!

I have started learning about myself and my abilities. Sometimes you experience things in life which makes you so vulnerable and no matter what the situation is, you start thinking from the same perspective. It’s so important to change your perspective. Nobody is perfect but to keep on learning about ourselves is such a brilliant thing. I happen to believe that these past days I have learned to control my irritation and started focusing on if my children’s arguments are positive or negative and guess what I have found out that most of the times, they have a point! And that alone makes things so smooth and I feel that we have so much fun and less arguing!

Making long story short, I am not an expert but sharing a few tips that might help someone because I believe everyone knows these things but sometimes it is magical to hear from someone else, so here it goes:

Listen to your kids and focus on their thoughts. Are they positive or negative?

Think often like a child!

Don’t argue and if you think that you absolutely are right..take a moment, go to your room and think of a good reply.

Play with them,evenwhen you feel it’s a silly game.

Treat them like adults and explain things to them instead of saying ” because I said so! ”

Don’t hang over them all the time, let them find themselves without you helping them all the time.

Guard your anger button and focus on influencing your child’s motivation.

I am working on these things every day but honestly sometimes you just forget what you have learned. Do not feel ashamed of yourself, you are doing a remarkable job and being an angry mom is sometimes totally ok!

And on this note have a good night:-)

PS. Thank you to all those who loved my last post and also those who said that they want to know more about me ‚̧

Let’s Have Coffee with Sisdiaries!

Can’t tell how excited I am to do this segment! My heart is pounding and I feel like doing something great! I am smiling as I am writing this and so excited to share my very first Coffee with Sisdiaries….


Usually I just talk about myself, my thoughts and my experiences, which I love doing of course and I feel that if I can inspire one soul out there, it’s worth doing it! I have been thinking to do something fun and something where I can involve my audience too. And at the same time I want to introduce you to women who are living a normal family life, having lots of responsibilities, doing a 8 am to 16 pm job but still finds time to do what inspires them most and what they are passionate about!


I get so much positive energy from these women who finds time and use it wisely while doing everything else that comes as a ” responsibility”. Women should empower each other and help each other bloom! And I think if I can make a difference, I would be honoured!


These stories may inspire others too who think that having a regular job and having kids and family means that you can not pursue your dream because guess what …YOU CAN!!!


My first coffee date is with one of Norway’s first Pakistani photographer who gave photography a new and fresh touch and I am so happy that you will get to know her through my blog!


We met at Jamie Olivers restaurant the other day after work and had a lovely chat. It was a rainy day and cold but both of us were excited for this and that alone made it so much fun!




So ladies may I introduce you to Shumaila of ” ShumailaHussain Photography”!



Your name and location? Shumaila / Oslo, Norway


Your passion:  Mainly photography.


Is your passion your profession too? If not, what is your regular job? I wish, but no. I work as a software developer.


How many kids do you have, their age? I have Ma Sha Allah two kids ages 5 and 2. A small happy family.


How do you combine your hobby with your normal life? 

Its hard! Its down right hard. A job, family and home leaves very little time to pursue my passion. But I try as much as possible to keep my first baby ( my camera !) close to me. I hate to say I barely take my kids photos with my DSLR but mostly use my Iphone 7 plus for pictures and videos. The portrait feature in Iphone 7 is really cool.


What motivated you to start taking photographs?

I have always been drawn towards photography. I was barely ever in front of the camera. When I was 8/9 years old my cousin had an SLR and the pictures she used to take of us always turned out extra special. I think deep down that have been my motivation…


Who is your inspiration?

The list is long. But in simple words creative people inspire me. There is so much inspiration and creativness on social media today. I don’t think in this time and age anyone can live without being inspired by one person or another. In terms of photography I am highly inspired by Sujata Setia! What a magician she is. I love how she not only capture the person but their soul in a photograph. I also am a fan of Sojhla in Norway.


When did you buy your first camera? And what type was it?

I bought my first DSLR in 2008. It was canon 450d. I’ve had digital cameras before and an old Minolta analogue SLR which I found in junk at my grandmothers house in the village. It was a beautiful camera and opened up many doors for my vision in photography.


Your current camera/lens?

I own canon 5d mark 2. And I love my canon 70-200 f2.8. I have other lenses too collecting dust, although I use 50mm f1.4 quite a bit too. I don’t feel the need to upgrade my camera body, it meets my requirement more than enough.


When did you realize that you can be a photographer?

I did not realize that! My cousins and sister made me do it. Funny as it may sound but they had faith in my talent more than I had it. They always stood model for me. My sister made me start a Facebook Fanpage in 2008, before that I was only blogging about my photography and posting on deviantart. I had my first paid shoot in 2008 which was a gift from my cousin to her friend.  I owe a lot to these girls.


Do you get any support at home for fulfilling your passion?

Yes! Anything is impossible without support from home. My sister is my real critique. My parents always appreciate my work.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Probably doing what I am doing now. And my kids as my assistants. I really wish to have my own space one day.


How do you not loose yourself in a world of many photographers?

My goal is not wedding photography. Been there done that, and will never do. My area of interest is families and kids.


What is your most favourite work? And Why?

I love all my family and kids shoots. Their smiles are contagious. I love documenting the early newborn days, the family love and bond.


7 months.jpg



7 months1



We are living in a world where each day a new person is coming in this field, either professionely or as a hobbyist. What would you suggest to the new comers?

Your competition is only with yourself. When we start competing against the existing ones in a field,  we fail and we fail miserably. Find your style and stick with it and educate yourself. Its a constant learning process.

And with this question we ended our interview!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Shumaila! I would love to get in touch with girls who are pursuing their dreams. We always talk about that someone has got a degree in something, was best in class etc etc, but we should give equal appreciation and celebrate the fun things people do and are passionate about!

We get this life just once…so do everything that makes you happy and that you know can make some one else happy too!

And on this note, happy weekend and I would love your feedback!

Love ya!

Weekend smiles & chasing Fall …..

Hey lovlies!

It’s Friday but no more Summery Friday! It’s time for Fall….. My favourite time of the year and I am so ready to take out my Fall wear, cozy jumpers, scarfs and coats!

Long time no hear! Been so busy cleaning home, getting things out of boxes.. a lot has been done and rest will be done soon…well atleast I hope so!

Kids school have also started and so have the extra curricular activities and I am trying to be as much effective as possible and try to do as much as I can. So proud of myself this week and I have also been preparing dinner for next day and I even get the time to watch my current obsession ” Orphan Black”. I am totally hooked and I sometimes watch it while making lunch boxes for my kids, other times while cleaning the kitchen ( so satisfied with having an open kitchen and living room) but today I was amazingly done with everything at 9 pm! And have been relaxing on my couch and watching Orphan Black! I have even forced some of my friends to watch this series, some have already started and some will start soon…This series is by the way a fiction thriller about an orphan girl obviously… who finds out that there is not just one of her…well saying no more….Do check it out and I know you ll love it!



Chasing Fall….

So I was actually saying that it’s fall and I don’t understand why some people want to cling to last signs of summer and become so unhappy when thinking or talking about Fall…I personally believe that one should embrace every season and think positive. The more negative you are , the more unhappy you’ll become.


If there is one thing we all want…it’s happiness and I believe that being positive equals to being happy. Put your life into perspective, think good of others and be optimistic!


My suggestion for Fall: Make plans for this season, what do you want to do, how do you want to celebrate it ? I am anxiously waiting for the leaves to change colour and then fall on the ground. A bit colder means more cups of tea and coffee and that’s a win win for me! I love wearing cosy jumpers and cuddling up with a good book or watching Netflix ūüėČ We still have one fireplace left and I love when we light it…so I am totally ready to welcome my favourite season and I hope you are too!

Be excited because it’s the key to smiles and happiness:-) And on this note, have a wonderful weekend!




The art of relaxing…

When you are in the middle of a renovation project, not living in your own house and also having a fulltime job, what you really need is a bit of relaxation….but the question is…how to achieve that feeling???

Shall I go to SPA, go to movie, go shopping? All of these things costs money, but what is that one thing that does not cost you a dime? And still is the most relaxing, most giving and most fulfilling thing?

And that my friends is meeting your genuine F R I E N D S!

Last night was all about it, though before meeting them I was feeling guilty if I should do it? Wouldn’t it be better if I just go home and do some cleaning, or go to some shops and see things I need to decorate my living room and kitchen ( Yes I am also having some new furniture, just sold my big couch for a very cheap money…well nobody is taking things for as much as half of the original price !!! )

But what I did was made plans with some friends and went to see another friend who lives outside of Oslo and if I can sum it up in one word only….that would be FUN and if you need me to sum up in two words…I would say FUN¬†and RELAXATION!!!

Loved her house, loved her hospitality, loved the food, loved the car ride , loved when girls went all mad and all that chit chat, small favours like some of girls had a mini beauty session, some got head massage, I got this lovely back massage…I mean can it get any better??


I think life has phenomenally been generous with me. It’s not the material things that matter, it’s the¬†people in your life! And I can say this with my hand on my heart that I am feeling so relaxed and in fact happy. It’s like these girls gave me a tremendous amount of energy which I did not know I needed!

We should cherish good people in our lives because not everyone is so lucky to have amazing friends! And on this note, I wish all of you a very happy Thursday! Have a wonderful day:-)


How ¬†cute is this wall? It’s in fact wallpaper from another decade and was on the whole wall! My friend kept a part of it & framed it! I think it’s genius keeping a piece from the past!