Chocolate and Banana Muffins are yum!

Monday is not my favourite day and I literally count hours when the day at work will end and when I ll go home….

Ok I am exaggerating a bit, its not that bad!

I enjoy cooking in general (not so difficult dishes though) and I love eating everything that looks yum! So when I say I am a real foodie, its not me exaggerating, its the truth of my life…or at least one of them!

Baking is something which I have started lately, I wont call myself a baker, but the moment I decide to bake something, I feel whole of me is smiling…and thats not a joke!

I love eating what I bake but most of all I love the process of baking, its so intensely satisfying, its like a therapy…I love the process from finding ingredients which I need, measuring and stirring them and all those scents that fill my house, specially while things are baking in the oven. And  I totally love the  transformation from a plain dough to something incredibly prefect and tasty!!! Its like magic!

Lately I have been making things with apple ( love classic apple cakes, pies and muffins) But Today I wanted to try something else and also because we had so many bananas at home so I went for a yummy chocolate and banana muffin, which goes so well with tea!

So this is what made me run from work today and now I am sitting here after taking a bite and sipping from my cup of tea …I hope you like the pictures, these muffins are so easy to make and so easy to eat.


Here is the recipe which will give you exactly 12 muffins:


Butter                                 125 grams

Eggs                                    2

Sugar                                 100 grams

Vanilla essence              1 tea spoon

Plain flour                      200 grams

Baking powder             2 tea spoons

Cinnamon powder      2 tea spoons

Bananas                         2 (ripe)

Dark chocolate            100 grams


  • Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Line a standard 12 well muffin pan with paper liners
  • Beat eggs, sugar  and vanilla essence well. It should look like eggnog
  • Whisk the flour, baking powder and cinnamon powder
  • Mix  melted butter
  • Now add mashed banans and chopped chocolate
  • Mix well with a wooden spoon
  • Fill the pan and bake for about 15 to 20 minutes in the already heated oven.

Voilaaaaa yummy muffins are ready to eat…Enjoy!








We literally won this!!!

I was checking my Facebook a few days before Valentines day and there it was a competition organized by Sebastien Bruno Oslo City ( Norway). All you had to do was to write the name of your loved one…

I was in a good fun mood and I wrote the name of my cousin, knowing that I can never win… Because I never do! And I dont usually participate in contests either , because I mean ….are they real??

But…guess what…this was quite real!!!

We won, her name was announced and we were shocked, happy and so excited!!! Just like two small kids…because thats how were are! Appreciate every tiny winy happiness that comes our way. So we picked our prize yesterday and took some pictures which I would like to share with you guys…


Yummy macrons in pretty colours and flavours





They also have bite size cakes



Look at all those yummy cakes and chocolates




Macrons tasted delicious! If I have to point out one thing, that would be lack of seating area so we had to go to a nearby cafe’ and buy coffee from there…which we of course enjoyed with macrons from Sebastien Bruno! Totally recommend!

They have really yummy cakes too which we have ordered earlier and cute boxes of chocolates which is a perfect gift!



Go get yourself a macron and enjoy your weekend!

Confessions of a newbie continues…

                                        PART 2


Lets continue where we left off…..

That shameful act I was talking about the other day might sound normal to others, but for me it really was ….

It happens every day that all of a sudden, while I am doing my normal routine things, I just think about it and feel ashamed!

And this honestly makes me a little sad…

I asked a friend of mine if I was being very low ? I wondered what people might think of me? That I dont have any thing better to do? Was I being tacky???

And my friend said ” No, not at all” and that made me felt ok….for just a while..

Are you wondering what I did?

I discovered the world of blogging!

Well I was NOT ashamed because of that…seriously!

I was ashamed that after I made instagram account I asked some of my friends to follow me and all those sweethearts did..but some did not! and I asked again….that was wrong, it was wrong in so many ways and that is why I felt I was being low!

And I think its because of the fact that the ones who did not follow me, asked me if it was my instagram account and if it was my blog? And when I said yes…they did not bother to follow and I felt bad!

Not because they did not follow but because I asked! And I felt pretty low…..

Instagram is popular and once you start getting followers, you get a rush and you really like it. I have always loved good pictures, neat, clear and clean! Before I started blogging I kept really low profile and had just 40 + followers. I wanted to keep it like that because it was my private life and everyone has right to keep it that way and this should be respected!

Social media can be whatever you want it to be, I want mine to be clean and I dont want to make anyone follow me because it only makes me sad. We should keep in mind that not everyone is going to follow you, just the way you dont follow everyone. Just imagine how the instagram feed will look if you start following everyone just because you think everyone is cool!

So now I am just washing that shamefulness I was feeling and looking forward to not doing it again…

Todays note to myself: Do not ask people to follow you. Its tacky! Just let them know what you are doing and make them decide if they want to follow you or not…. because you want real followers that interact with your photos, not just a number!


Confessions of a newbie!

                                    PART ONE


An A type person who wakes up early in the morning, makes sure every thing is done by the book. Try to please every one ( or almost every one), likes to have it really quiet after the kids go to sleep and just want to relax….

What do you call a person who follows a routine but have many dreams???

Well before I start I just want to clearify that the A type person I am talking about….would be ME!

Or.. was it really me?

Forget all what I wrote about me following the routine…

Very few people ( a handful actually…ok I am talking about my sisters) who know me really really well, know that I always liked challenges…that is when I was a teenager! And then I grew up and tried to live a life by rules, or by the book (as some might say)…I ve always loved challenges, trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone because that is what life is all about! ( At least in my opinion)

Now I felt like I was at a point in life where I really needed to start something for myself…and as I ve already written in ” About me” page that I wanted a ME-TIME, but mostly I wanted something that will give me that adrenalin rush which I so much loved and then…

I discovered the world of blogging!

Its like I am having ideas all the time and that rush I feel when I am writing and waiting to hit the “Publish” button…seriously that can not be described in words but I love it ( as long as it will last). I have not decided if I will do it forever but it is fun rite here and rite now. So I am living in the moment…

So back to my confession….

You think you know it all, but you dont!

I am talking about life of a blogger ( and totally respect everyone who is doing it full time) because it takes a lot of your time, you are cooking but you are looking at your mobile, you are doing laundry but you are checking your instagram, you are trying to sleep, but these “ideas” keep popping up in your mind…and the list goes on! Your mind is working 24/7!

So its basically a tough life… so I would suggest if you really love challenges, if you get butterflies in your stomach just by thinking about writing something ( something as common as I am writing about) so go for it!

End of part one….

PS. I did a shameful act!…wait for part two…To be continued……







Fun shoot!

My friends, loyal readers and subscribers of my blog ( they know who they are and I am so thankful for their honest opinion)…anyways what I am trying to say is that my friends have been telling me to put “fashion photos” to make it a more fun blog!

I was visiting a cousin of mine yesterday and we decided to have a fun shoot which turned out very well! Here is a little glimpse. Hope you like it!

But first of all I want to thank my sister for photos and my cousin for instructions ( she is a major manager type material, a very photogenic person who love the camera and the camera loves her back and also one of the few who encouraged me to start blogging so Thanks B! ) My sister is a born photographer! …Enough about these two…I think I ll dedicate a post to them one day!

So basically I am neither a photographer material, nor a modell material! That is me in a nutshell! But to be very honest I can take “OK” pictures…of at least food….

Enjoy yesterdays shoot…putting a few pictures! Hope you like them…and please note the tea cup! And if you have already read my first post then you should know why tea and “cup of tea” is so important to me…






Simplest biryani/rice!

I am one of those people who love to eat good food, but I dont want to use many hours making one! I cant stand in the kitchen for hours and then be tired while eating it. May be I will one day …when my life wont be so hectic..but for now I ll keep on taking shortcuts and there is nothing wrong with it!

Except when you are baking….No shortcuts in baking!

Posting a simple biryani with not so many ingredients but it still tastes YUMMY!



Dicing onions is not my favourite thing!



And now add chicken and potatoes…



Fry for about 8 to 10 minutes and then add green chillies…


I just add ready made spices…and this one is  real good! ( For my Norwegian collegues at work. This can be bought from Grønland)





Followed by yoghurt..




Add tomatoes over the cooked chicken and potato gravy, followed by coriander and mynt..


DSC04278 (2).JPG

Cook for about ten minutes under the lid and then add boiled rice. Now you have three layers! First one with chicken and potato gravy ( slightly thick in consistence, not very watery). Second layer with tomatoes, mynt and coriander…and finally last layer of rice. I had about two cups rice which I had cooked in plain water….Taddddddda here is the final result! PS. Let them cook for another 5 to 10 minutes and then mix well while they are in the pot and serve with salad or/and raita which is a yoghut mixture…Enjoy!


PS.I Love You!

The plan was to write  about Valentines day and what it is to me? Well its just a normal day. I am happy for those who celebrate and do something special on this day. I had a few thoughts, but did not arrange them in any way so now when I am sitting here, I feel totally blank…

And as I am thinking and arranging my thoughts, my son comes and asks me if its ok that he sits beside me. I said ” OK”. He then asks what I was thinking, and I say, ” I dont know”. And he looks at me and says ” Mom write about your friends”…And I think…yeah its a good thought. But now that he is sitting besides me , sitting and looking at the computer and asking me questions about everything else….I am feeling so blessed to have this little guy in my life!

He is strong, thoughtful, helping, makes me smile in my sad days, and motivates me and never gives up. He is the most intelligent little man I know who has knowledge about so many things and is eager to learn new things. Sometimes I feel he is a grown up in a child’s body ( And as I write this…I start laughing..and he does the same). He then asks me “Mom why are we laughing” And I look at him and he looks at me and I say ” Because I love you!”

We should be so thankful for so much in our lives.The life we live is ultimately the life we choose. Turn yourself to the positive in your life and that will gradually becomes the truth of your life…I just turned ( looked at my son) and realized that I didnt want to think anymore about anything else. My son just spared me from thinking any more..

To this little guy …..I love you!dsc04174DSC04175.JPG

Car crash!

On my way to work today, I witnessed a car crash!
In fact it happened rite outside my work and I just stood there to see if every thing went ok with the partners involved. Luckily they were ok, but the cars were not so ok!
I thought oh what a terrible start of the week for them!
But what I really needed to think was “Thanks God it went well for the persons involved in the accident”. And then I thought it could have gone so wrong, and that lead me thinking about life…
Life is a blessing!
You wake up everyday, you start getting ready to go to school, to work or any where else you ve planned to be that day…thats in your control, because you have already decided, the moment that second passes, you have no control, you dont know what will happen the moment you sit in your car, or you take buss, you cross a road…you just dont know what will happen to you!
You have no control whatsoever on anything after that moment!
Just look at these two persons who were involved in a car crash today, it happened rite in front of my eyes, I could see the frightened and worried looks of those two people and it was bad! Even though there was no person damage, but they were shocked! They didnt plan it to happen!
But it happened!
Sometimes we take everything for granted. Life its self, no matter how it is, either you are successful or not so successful. You have a life and you can spend it just the way you like it! Once its gone….sorry mate then you can not do anything about it!
Everyone is stucked with plenty of problems, we face challenges every day, some are big and others are not so big! But no body has got a perfect life! Thats the reality! You think your neighbour is the happiest, most blessed person on earth…WAKE UP CALL.. he is not! He has his own issues, seriously we have them, all of us!
Every morning starts with new challenges, new hurdles, but doesnt it bring pleasures as well?? If you have decided to be negative and think…no matter what happens, I ll go on with this face of mine, pretending , yes pretending that my life sucks! NO your life does not suck..BUT the person who just died today…his life sucks! Come on!!! He has no life any more…but you have a life!!! Make the best of it!
Ever since I was a little girl..when ever I had an opportunity to write in a card or send someone a written wish I used to write these words…I dont actually remember if I came up with this myself, or may be some teacher of mine said this to me, or may be I just read it some where…but I can remember that this has been my motto, this has been something which has kept me strong , in every single path of my life…so here it goes,
” Life is very short, pick up even the tiniest happiness you find and enjoy your life!”
Not very big words…but thats my motivation, I have always found inner peace and my own happiness when I ve felt the whole world has gone dark -er!
You need some thing , your very own motivational thing to keep helping you in times you need it the most. All of us need it some time!
Dont hold grudges, dont hate anyone and mostly never diminish the beauty inside you by the problems you face! Live in the moment and love this moment because…this is the Perfect Moment…
SiS diaries1.jpg

The cake.. as promised!

A couple of days ago I posted that I ll make a delish cake for Mothers day ( Its tomorrow in Norway). So here is my cake, and for some people apple cake might be very boring, but for me its classic! And specially because my mom is not so fond of other types of cakes. And I also want to mention that my dad has birthday tomorrow so its in a way birthday and Mothers day cake….2 in 1!

Last time I baked an apple cake for my dad, he loved it ( my mom told me so on fone)

I ve used both brown sugar and white sugar, just wanted to see if it will make any difference, and also because my mom prefers brown sugar in everything! Hope this cake appeals to them and they enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend…


Apple cake in the making!


Weekend diaries..

Hello diary!

I ve been wanting to write since yesterday but didnt get any time to sit here and write a post….

Well thats not the entire truth!

I did open my blog settings and started fixing a bit but firstly let me tell you about my programming knowledge, well knowledge about anything which has anything to do with technology…well none of these “things” are my friends! And I happen to ignore or learn anything  about them as well…so  here I was sitting on computer, googling with all my heart and trying to find the most easiest way on You Tube. Well I managed to add “Recent post” column that is some progress!

So as I was saying that I was trying to fix this blog of mine last night, which by the way is open for public, so do follow it and tell others to do so too and please dont hesitate to come with suggestions and if YOU…yes rite there I was thinking about YOU!!! So if you happen to be the kindest person in the entire world and want to drop a few tips and tricks.. so do so! That ll be totally appreciated! I promise!

So what am I actually doing here, watching all the links I ve been sent from Happy team of wordpress…well HELLO…they are not helping me at all…I need to learn all from scratch and in this process I am literally scratching my head like million of times ! Thats the reality nowadays, but make sure I am not giving up!

I never do !

And on that note I want you to never give up as well…no matter what that is, keep on going, you ll be strong, if you believe in yourself! Thats what important! I believe I can do anything, anything at all as long as I want to do it. And I have already made so much progress, just starting this blog, knowing that I lack technical skills but I wanted to write and I could not this ONE thing stop me from writing. Through this journey I ve clicked at som many links that I now know what those strange terms mean…

Keep crossing your fingers for me ! More stuff from my day so far will be posted soon. Had a fun day and without any planning and without any invitation , I was standing and enjoying ice skating/ figure skating…Find out more soon…

What my skin needs…

Today while I was waiting for the train in freezing cold, even though I had warm clothes, jacket, scarf and gloves, I was freezing to death and shit happens every time you dont need it to happen..yes you got it right! my train was late, and those 15 minutes felt like almost 5 hours!

I couldnt think straight obviously but the moment I entered the train and found an empty seat..I felt my face was aching…seriously! It was red ( or pinkish ) and forehead and cheeks seemed so dry..well I was not surprised actually because do you know when I last pampered my skin??? Yeah like two months ago!

So here I was sitting in the train, planning to put a mixture of honey and banana, or a mixture of avocado and egg whites on my face to give it softness and glow!

But..seriously what I really needed was a ready made solution which can instantly make my skin soft and glowy. And I was lucky enough to have my favourite products ( which by the way I always have..but lack of ME TIME doesnt allow me to look at them).

Well rite now while sitting here after taking a good warm bath and after applying this amazingly brilliant cleansing polish on my face from The Body Shop, I feel fresh and so ready to hit the bed, but first let me share these beautiful products with you!

I am talking about ” Vitamin C” Daily Glow Cleansing Polish! My skin is feeling healthier and energized! And the funny thing is even on the tube it says ” DULL, TIRED, GRUMPY SKIN” Laughing out loud….because honestly I didnt notice this ever before, just wanted to give accurate information….so in short, if you have a dull, tired and grumpy skin…use this instant formula and wash it all away….

Secondly…I want to tell you about my very favourite thing, which is this Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask! It does wonders, you feel that, you smell it and you really feel that it has cleansed and given you the glow you have always wanted! Its good for all skin types, even if you have acne and sensitiv skin! Caution: The smell of this product might give you watery eyes and may be a little sting in eyes, but its worth using! And for those who are concerned about parabens…NO PARABENS at all! Its a beautiful formula made with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil.

Love these two products and totally recommend! And on this note, Good night world!