Doesn’t this sound too familiar, well it happens to me all the time and it sure does happen to you too. But then one day you just decide…and that’s the glory of deciding decide and you do it!

You think. “How bad can it be?”

Not so bad that it ll kill me, so the things that don’t kill me, will atleast make me strong. So lets start this journey and see if you ll like it …or you wont. But now I have decided so I ll just go for it.

To find a name for your blog is quite difficult, it should match your personality, it should tell people who are reading your blog something about you. Who are you? What are your interests? What are you going to write about?

I couldn’t find a catchy name for my blog , or a name that describes me so I ll  start with telling you a little about me, and  what could be better than telling about my favourite hobby which is none other than…Tea!

Tea has always been a very special part of my life. I discovered it when I was like 10 or 12, the time when I started making tea for my mom and always added just a little extra milk so that it ll be enough for me to take two sips!

Yes those two sips were really dear to me for a couple of years..and then one day my mom just asked me if I wanted some tea…that was like a full whole cup, just for me! And that day…yes that day was the day when I no more needed to add a little more to get two sips. The cup was mine! The tea was mine! I could start drinking like an adult! I no more needed to hide in kitchen to drink tea…the love affair was no more uknown and hidden!

And so the journey starts….Through thick and thin…tea has been my best friend! My companion in sad days, good days, rainy days, days like today. And its not just tea, its my cup of tea!


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