Today while I was waiting for the train in freezing cold, even though I had warm clothes, jacket, scarf and gloves, I was freezing to death and shit happens every time you dont need it to happen..yes you got it right! my train was late, and those 15 minutes felt like almost 5 hours!

I couldnt think straight obviously but the moment I entered the train and found an empty seat..I felt my face was aching…seriously! It was red ( or pinkish ) and forehead and cheeks seemed so dry..well I was not surprised actually because do you know when I last pampered my skin??? Yeah like two months ago!

So here I was sitting in the train, planning to put a mixture of honey and banana, or a mixture of avocado and egg whites on my face to give it softness and glow!

But..seriously what I really needed was a ready made solution which can instantly make my skin soft and glowy. And I was lucky enough to have my favourite products ( which by the way I always have..but lack of ME TIME doesnt allow me to look at them).

Well rite now while sitting here after taking a good warm bath and after applying this amazingly brilliant cleansing polish on my face from The Body Shop, I feel fresh and so ready to hit the bed, but first let me share these beautiful products with you!

I am talking about ” Vitamin C” Daily Glow Cleansing Polish! My skin is feeling healthier and energized! And the funny thing is even on the tube it says ” DULL, TIRED, GRUMPY SKIN” Laughing out loud….because honestly I didnt notice this ever before, just wanted to give accurate information….so in short, if you have a dull, tired and grumpy skin…use this instant formula and wash it all away….

Secondly…I want to tell you about my very favourite thing, which is this Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask! It does wonders, you feel that, you smell it and you really feel that it has cleansed and given you the glow you have always wanted! Its good for all skin types, even if you have acne and sensitiv skin! Caution: The smell of this product might give you watery eyes and may be a little sting in eyes, but its worth using! And for those who are concerned about parabens…NO PARABENS at all! Its a beautiful formula made with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil.

Love these two products and totally recommend! And on this note, Good night world!



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