Hello diary!

I ve been wanting to write since yesterday but didnt get any time to sit here and write a post….

Well thats not the entire truth!

I did open my blog settings and started fixing a bit but firstly let me tell you about my programming knowledge, well knowledge about anything which has anything to do with technology…well none of these “things” are my friends! And I happen to ignore or learn anything  about them as well…so  here I was sitting on computer, googling with all my heart and trying to find the most easiest way on You Tube. Well I managed to add “Recent post” column ..so that is some progress!

So as I was saying that I was trying to fix this blog of mine last night, which by the way is open for public, so do follow it and tell others to do so too and please dont hesitate to come with suggestions and if YOU…yes rite there I was thinking about YOU!!! So if you happen to be the kindest person in the entire world and want to drop a few tips and tricks.. so do so! That ll be totally appreciated! I promise!

So what am I actually doing here, watching all the links I ve been sent from Happy team of wordpress…well HELLO…they are not helping me at all…I need to learn all from scratch and in this process I am literally scratching my head like million of times ! Thats the reality nowadays, but make sure I am not giving up!

I never do !

And on that note I want you to never give up as well…no matter what that is, keep on going, you ll be strong, if you believe in yourself! Thats what important! I believe I can do anything, anything at all as long as I want to do it. And I have already made so much progress, just starting this blog, knowing that I lack technical skills but I wanted to write and I could not this ONE thing stop me from writing. Through this journey I ve clicked at som many links that I now know what those strange terms mean…

Keep crossing your fingers for me ! More stuff from my day so far will be posted soon. Had a fun day and without any planning and without any invitation , I was standing and enjoying ice skating/ figure skating…Find out more soon…


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