On my way to work today, I witnessed a car crash!
In fact it happened rite outside my work and I just stood there to see if every thing went ok with the partners involved. Luckily they were ok, but the cars were not so ok!
I thought oh what a terrible start of the week for them!
But what I really needed to think was “Thanks God it went well for the persons involved in the accident”. And then I thought it could have gone so wrong, and that lead me thinking about life…
Life is a blessing!
You wake up everyday, you start getting ready to go to school, to work or any where else you ve planned to be that day…thats in your control, because you have already decided, the moment that second passes, you have no control, you dont know what will happen the moment you sit in your car, or you take buss, you cross a road…you just dont know what will happen to you!
You have no control whatsoever on anything after that moment!
Just look at these two persons who were involved in a car crash today, it happened rite in front of my eyes, I could see the frightened and worried looks of those two people and it was bad! Even though there was no person damage, but they were shocked! They didnt plan it to happen!
But it happened!
Sometimes we take everything for granted. Life its self, no matter how it is, either you are successful or not so successful. You have a life and you can spend it just the way you like it! Once its gone….sorry mate then you can not do anything about it!
Everyone is stucked with plenty of problems, we face challenges every day, some are big and others are not so big! But no body has got a perfect life! Thats the reality! You think your neighbour is the happiest, most blessed person on earth…WAKE UP CALL.. he is not! He has his own issues, seriously we have them, all of us!
Every morning starts with new challenges, new hurdles, but doesnt it bring pleasures as well?? If you have decided to be negative and think…no matter what happens, I ll go on with this face of mine, pretending , yes pretending that my life sucks! NO your life does not suck..BUT the person who just died today…his life sucks! Come on!!! He has no life any more…but you have a life!!! Make the best of it!
Ever since I was a little girl..when ever I had an opportunity to write in a card or send someone a written wish I used to write these words…I dont actually remember if I came up with this myself, or may be some teacher of mine said this to me, or may be I just read it some where…but I can remember that this has been my motto, this has been something which has kept me strong , in every single path of my life…so here it goes,
” Life is very short, pick up even the tiniest happiness you find and enjoy your life!”
Not very big words…but thats my motivation, I have always found inner peace and my own happiness when I ve felt the whole world has gone dark -er!
You need some thing , your very own motivational thing to keep helping you in times you need it the most. All of us need it some time!
Dont hold grudges, dont hate anyone and mostly never diminish the beauty inside you by the problems you face! Live in the moment and love this moment because…this is the Perfect Moment…
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