The plan was to write  about Valentines day and what it is to me? Well its just a normal day. I am happy for those who celebrate and do something special on this day. I had a few thoughts, but did not arrange them in any way so now when I am sitting here, I feel totally blank…

And as I am thinking and arranging my thoughts, my son comes and asks me if its ok that he sits beside me. I said ” OK”. He then asks what I was thinking, and I say, ” I dont know”. And he looks at me and says ” Mom write about your friends”…And I think…yeah its a good thought. But now that he is sitting besides me , sitting and looking at the computer and asking me questions about everything else….I am feeling so blessed to have this little guy in my life!

He is strong, thoughtful, helping, makes me smile in my sad days, and motivates me and never gives up. He is the most intelligent little man I know who has knowledge about so many things and is eager to learn new things. Sometimes I feel he is a grown up in a child’s body ( And as I write this…I start laughing..and he does the same). He then asks me “Mom why are we laughing” And I look at him and he looks at me and I say ” Because I love you!”

We should be so thankful for so much in our lives.The life we live is ultimately the life we choose. Turn yourself to the positive in your life and that will gradually becomes the truth of your life…I just turned ( looked at my son) and realized that I didnt want to think anymore about anything else. My son just spared me from thinking any more..

To this little guy …..I love you!dsc04174DSC04175.JPG


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