I am one of those people who love to eat good food, but I dont want to use many hours making one! I cant stand in the kitchen for hours and then be tired while eating it. May be I will one day …when my life wont be so hectic..but for now I ll keep on taking shortcuts and there is nothing wrong with it!

Except when you are baking….No shortcuts in baking!

Posting a simple biryani with not so many ingredients but it still tastes YUMMY!



Dicing onions is not my favourite thing!



And now add chicken and potatoes…



Fry for about 8 to 10 minutes and then add green chillies…


I just add ready made spices…and this one is  real good! ( For my Norwegian collegues at work. This can be bought from Grønland)





Followed by yoghurt..




Add tomatoes over the cooked chicken and potato gravy, followed by coriander and mynt..


DSC04278 (2).JPG

Cook for about ten minutes under the lid and then add boiled rice. Now you have three layers! First one with chicken and potato gravy ( slightly thick in consistence, not very watery). Second layer with tomatoes, mynt and coriander…and finally last layer of rice. I had about two cups rice which I had cooked in plain water….Taddddddda here is the final result! PS. Let them cook for another 5 to 10 minutes and then mix well while they are in the pot and serve with salad or/and raita which is a yoghut mixture…Enjoy!



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