My friends, loyal readers and subscribers of my blog ( they know who they are and I am so thankful for their honest opinion)…anyways what I am trying to say is that my friends have been telling me to put “fashion photos” to make it a more fun blog!

I was visiting a cousin of mine yesterday and we decided to have a fun shoot which turned out very well! Here is a little glimpse. Hope you like it!

But first of all I want to thank my sister for photos and my cousin for instructions ( she is a major manager type material, a very photogenic person who love the camera and the camera loves her back and also one of the few who encouraged me to start blogging so Thanks B! ) My sister is a born photographer! …Enough about these two…I think I ll dedicate a post to them one day!

So basically I am neither a photographer material, nor a modell material! That is me in a nutshell! But to be very honest I can take “OK” pictures…of at least food….

Enjoy yesterdays shoot…putting a few pictures! Hope you like them…and please note the tea cup! And if you have already read my first post then you should know why tea and “cup of tea” is so important to me…







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