An A type person who wakes up early in the morning, makes sure every thing is done by the book. Try to please every one ( or almost every one), likes to have it really quiet after the kids go to sleep and just want to relax….

What do you call a person who follows a routine but have many dreams???

Well before I start I just want to clearify that the A type person I am talking about….would be ME!

Or.. was it really me?

Forget all what I wrote about me following the routine…

Very few people ( a handful actually…ok I am talking about my sisters) who know me really really well, know that I always liked challenges…that is when I was a teenager! And then I grew up and tried to live a life by rules, or by the book (as some might say)…I ve always loved challenges, trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone because that is what life is all about! ( At least in my opinion)

Now I felt like I was at a point in life where I really needed to start something for myself…and as I ve already written in ” About me” page that I wanted a ME-TIME, but mostly I wanted something that will give me that adrenalin rush which I so much loved and then…

I discovered the world of blogging!

Its like I am having ideas all the time and that rush I feel when I am writing and waiting to hit the “Publish” button…seriously that can not be described in words but I love it ( as long as it will last). I have not decided if I will do it forever but it is fun rite here and rite now. So I am living in the moment…

So back to my confession….

You think you know it all, but you dont!

I am talking about life of a blogger ( and totally respect everyone who is doing it full time) because it takes a lot of your time, you are cooking but you are looking at your mobile, you are doing laundry but you are checking your instagram, you are trying to sleep, but these “ideas” keep popping up in your mind…and the list goes on! Your mind is working 24/7!

So its basically a tough life… so I would suggest if you really love challenges, if you get butterflies in your stomach just by thinking about writing something ( something as common as I am writing about) so go for it!

End of part one….

PS. I did a shameful act!…wait for part two…To be continued……








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