Lets continue where we left off…..

That shameful act I was talking about the other day might sound normal to others, but for me it really was ….

It happens every day that all of a sudden, while I am doing my normal routine things, I just think about it and feel ashamed!

And this honestly makes me a little sad…

I asked a friend of mine if I was being very low ? I wondered what people might think of me? That I dont have any thing better to do? Was I being tacky???

And my friend said ” No, not at all” and that made me felt ok….for just a while..

Are you wondering what I did?

I discovered the world of blogging!

Well I was NOT ashamed because of that…seriously!

I was ashamed that after I made instagram account I asked some of my friends to follow me and all those sweethearts did..but some did not! and I asked again….that was wrong, it was wrong in so many ways and that is why I felt I was being low!

And I think its because of the fact that the ones who did not follow me, asked me if it was my instagram account and if it was my blog? And when I said yes…they did not bother to follow and I felt bad!

Not because they did not follow but because I asked! And I felt pretty low…..

Instagram is popular and once you start getting followers, you get a rush and you really like it. I have always loved good pictures, neat, clear and clean! Before I started blogging I kept really low profile and had just 40 + followers. I wanted to keep it like that because it was my private life and everyone has right to keep it that way and this should be respected!

Social media can be whatever you want it to be, I want mine to be clean and I dont want to make anyone follow me because it only makes me sad. We should keep in mind that not everyone is going to follow you, just the way you dont follow everyone. Just imagine how the instagram feed will look if you start following everyone just because you think everyone is cool!

So now I am just washing that shamefulness I was feeling and looking forward to not doing it again…

Todays note to myself: Do not ask people to follow you. Its tacky! Just let them know what you are doing and make them decide if they want to follow you or not…. because you want real followers that interact with your photos, not just a number!



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