I was checking my Facebook a few days before Valentines day and there it was a competition organized by Sebastien Bruno Oslo City ( Norway). All you had to do was to write the name of your loved one…

I was in a good fun mood and I wrote the name of my cousin, knowing that I can never win… Because I never do! And I dont usually participate in contests either , because I mean ….are they real??

But…guess what…this was quite real!!!

We won, her name was announced and we were shocked, happy and so excited!!! Just like two small kids…because thats how were are! Appreciate every tiny winy happiness that comes our way. So we picked our prize yesterday and took some pictures which I would like to share with you guys…


Yummy macrons in pretty colours and flavours





They also have bite size cakes



Look at all those yummy cakes and chocolates




Macrons tasted delicious! If I have to point out one thing, that would be lack of seating area so we had to go to a nearby cafe’ and buy coffee from there…which we of course enjoyed with macrons from Sebastien Bruno! Totally recommend!

They have really yummy cakes too which we have ordered earlier and cute boxes of chocolates which is a perfect gift!



Go get yourself a macron and enjoy your weekend!


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