Calling it a day off!


Do this, do that, click here, check that…what have our lives become?

Today I needed one day off and needed to control my life and regain my energy….just to function normally…

Doing this is actually an art which not many of us conquer..

Calling a day off when you feel that today is the day when you need to relax, to hold back, to listen to your body…it’s an art to listen and understand your body and your soul! But how many times do we listen to our bodies?

Last couple of days have been so hectic ( well most of them are when you have two small kids and I think most of you can relate to me) but I literally have been having low energy level…it’s like you are working like a robot, trying to catch up with everything around you, doing everything in same routine like you always do and when you lay down in the bed late in the night…you just feel that everything is not as it should be!

I was feeling that way, I even felt sick last night and wanted to throw up, because my body was telling me to stop. I went to bed quite early than usual, hoping that this would help me the next day. Today I woke up at 6 am as I always do & was fixing myself ..when I felt the whole world was falling on me! I needed to rest a little more! I did not want to get out of PJs and I did not want to do my hair, I did not want to talk to anyone…and I did not want to go to work!

So I just called this day off!

I sent my children to school, and then I layed down for two hours…

It helped me massive and I was back to normal again…I even baked and tried this new combination of pineapple and coconut muffins which turned out really delicious! I actually bought this pineapple a week ago and now it looked very ripe! And I hate wasting food so I made these yummy muffins real quick, following a recipe I always follow and just added this new combo, which I had not tried before! I also took time to take a few clicks…Enjoy!




My son made this cute placemat:-)



This was by the way my third cup of tea today!






Sometimes you feel a victim of life…there is so many things going on, and you need to follow most of it because there is no other way….or this is what we tell ourselves…but there is a way…and that is to let it go …just this one day! It will help you in a massive way and you will be able to perform your duties in a much better way..And as I am writing this, my back is aching so I should just stop writing and relax before I go and pick up the kids from school…because soon the same routine will start….And I think I should take one Ibux too!

On that note…..have a nice Wednesday and take good care of yourself!


Afternoon Tea…

If someone will come to me one Saturday afternoon…( or Sunday too) or any afternoon for that matter and will ask me to go with them to some afternoon tea place…I will jump with excitement and drop everything else and just go for it!

This is how much I love doing afternoon teas! But for the record I dont need to go out for afternoon tea every time. I feel I can make that classic afternoon tea party at home too…well any one can or any one who loves the much as I do!

Lately a few friends have asked me for recommendation for the best afternoon tea place in Oslo. Sadly Oslo in not London and not so many places are serving this classic concept! As a matter of fact there are just a few, very few places who are serving it properly and I have tried them all…..many times as they are really doing a good job!

Afternoon tea is something I love doing with my friends. We always have such a good time that I thought I would do a quick blog post for you guys who may be looking for something to do while the days are still a bit cold and rainy.

I am warning you that this topic is quite close to my heart so may be this blog post will turn into a longread! So I apologize in advance, but if you are like me, or slightly like me, you will love to read about it and I am going to share few clicks from these afternoon tea places too…So just chill, relax and enjoy the ride….( If possible go and get yourself a cup of tea…or coffee)

So here we go…..

My very first meeting with the concept of afternoon tea took place a few years back…in Harrods beautiful Georgian restaurant and that was when I fell in love with the concept! I do not have any proper picture of it but if you are following me on instagram, you can get a look at one picture from there..taken by mobile of course! The service, pastries, scones, jams, lemon curd, the company, everything was great!

I love to experience new things, but some things remain classic and one can enjoy over and over again…for me afternoon tea is one of those things…which never bores me and I am excited each and every time…

Let me take you to the past, the history….. just to understand how it all started….

It dates back to 1865, English Afternoon Tea is credited to the Duchess of Bedford. The legend says that the first lady to enjoy afternoon tea was Anna Maria, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who lived at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire and was lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. Duchess of Bedford is said to have experienced a ‘sinking feeling’ in the middle of the afternoon one day and asked her butler to deliver all the tea making equipment with some bread and butter to her private room. She found this new meal so satisfying and enjoyable that she soon started inviting her special friends to join her for ‘afternoon tea’.

Even when she went to stay with her aristocratic friends in their manor houses, she took her own kettle and tea making items with her so that she could continue her afternoon parties when she was away from home. The simple platefuls of bread and butter that first accompanied afternoon tea developed into much more elaborate selections of sandwiches, scones, muns, cakes, biscuits, gâteaux and fruit desserts. And that is the story of afternoon tea’s birth. And now it is so popular that you will find so many good places in UK serving this concept and of course in other countries too…

Lets come back from the past to present and let me introduce you to the lovely afternoon tea concept in Grand Hotel’s extra ordinary restaurant Palmen, which by the way has been renovated recently, but I have not been there after they have done that. They have the most stylish furniture which makes you feel royality for a few hours! Good service, but I personally love places which gives me a warm feeling. I felt as if it was a bit awkward to talk loud or to laugh like crazy ( well, the way I like to do) But sure I do recommend for a fancy high tea experience! Take a look at some pictures…

From the Grand Hotel Oslo- Palmen Restaurant


Look at the interior and tell me that you don’t want to go there…atleast once!

And then there is Theater Cafe’ in Hotel Continental , which I would recommend for a small group of friends who want to chit chat and enjoy lovely pastries, petit four, yummy sandwiches…and of course delicious tea or coffee!


A cup of tea…makes me smile!


We also have Cafe’ Christiania which is an extra ordinary experience in itsself. A visit to Cafe’ Christiania is a journey back in time! The premises alone is worth a visit and you will meet highly qualified staff who will give you attention throughtout your visit! Loved it and recommend it! ( Don’t have a picture from there)

It is so difficult to choose one favourite…but I am doing it now! Drum roll…..Here it goes….

I am talking about Hotel Bristol in Oslo!!! My all time favourite and never dissappoints! I just found a few pics from my last visit there a few months back…




The moment you enter the hotel lobby…you can feel that it has a history and many famous people have been here before you. The building itsself is charming and the place where they serve classic afternoon tea ” The Vinterhaven” and ” The Bibliotekbaren”are timelessly classic! And not to forget the piano music in background while sipping your tea and enjoying your nibbles! Can it get any better than this!!!

Honestly I have been here plenty of times and have enjoyed each and every time! Highly recommending it!

I can see this post is getting longer and longer…so I will spare you guys and tell about one or two more places some other time…

Remember every place has it’s charm! And the  most interesting thing is that you will not be emptying your pockets to pay for grandeur like some of the other popular afternoon teas in other parts of world!

If you are asking for my recommendation rite here and rite now…I would thoroughly recommend Hotel Bristol for a relaxed and chill experience.
All these places are in the heart of Oslo, not far away from Karl Johan street!
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. Go for an afternoon tea and let me know about your experience!
And last but not the least…a mandatory picture of me…walking through the heart of Oslo…
And on that note…Good night you all gorgous people!

Travel stories…

I love travel stories, I love to read about them, I love to talk about them and I love to hear about them. I basically just can’t get enough of them. I have travelled a bit, but I know I have to see more, experience more and enjoy more.

So far I have been to these countries:

Egypt, Mauritius, France, Belgium, Holland, Danmark, Turkey, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Romania, England, Germany…and my next stop will be….planned soon!

I am having travel sickness….I want to travel some where, any where.. where I have not been before. Having kids limits you where and when and how you can travel and even though I would like to travel to places I have not been to before, I can not do that and have to choose same countries many times which is actually a bit sad… because the world is so big and there is so much to see…

Every trip is remarkable and have something which I remember…but I would like to share a few clicks from my girls trip with my sisters and my cousins , the journey went to Warsaw, Poland and I remember every bit of that trip. Its like I close my eyes and the film starts rolling, so much fun and so much drama!

I’m a sucker for beautiful historic Old Towns or city centers and knew that  Warsaw’s old town had recently been rebuilt but I did not know what to expect. But I can tell you I was amazed to see it. Although you can tell by looking at the buildings that they are not original (many of the building facades are painted on rather than having intricate carvings or decorative details as they probably used to). Enjoy a few clicks and see for yourself!


IMG_1162IMG_1293-2 (1)IMG_1185.JPG

We took buggy ride…loved it!
In search of a good cafe’ and there were so many….

Its so charming to see that even though buildings are rebuilt, there are tiny signs from old buildings, such as old bricks and stones which are from the original buildings!

Me doing what I always do….Enjoying fresh tea at this cute little cafe’ which I don’t remember name of…


I loved this trip, we had so much fun, so many laughs, yelled at each other, argued, even had a sister fight which is another story. We lived at Marriott at a very good price. Loved their SPA and food. We even got executive lunch and dinner free of charge because they sent us to a room which was already given to someone else…luckily we did not see any naked scenes but it was quite close. So just to make us feel better they offered us executive lunch and dinner…which we accepted of course!

Another funny thing that happened was ( well whenever I travel with my girls we always and I mean always get time to watch a movie in cinema…yes that’s so true..we live every minute of our trip…not a second is wasted! So we were planning to watch a film after dinner, found out that they were showing a film at 23:30 ( It was Cameron Diaz’s film…can not remember the name..but it was hilarious)…or I dont know if it was hilarious or we were! because we were the only people in cinema at that the way I must not forget to tell you how fancy that cinema was….it was huge and so pretty…have not seen anything like this before! So it was us and two couples who were the only human beings there.

Let me tell you the whole story in few words…

Firstly we had only 5 minutes to get to the cinema, luckily it was not far away from our hotel…so we ran like crazy…and while we were doing so… I realized that my sister was not wearing shoes….And I shouted ” STOP…YOU ARE RUNNING BAREFOOT”..and all the other girls just stopped…and she stopped too and then after two seconds she said ” THEY ARE NUDE!!!! ” and started running again….we followed her of course..and the rest is story!

The film was funny, or since we were dead tired we laughed like crazy and we owned the cinema hall…and we loved it! There is so much to tell about this beautiful city….If you have not been to Warsaw, you should! You will love it, everything from food, transportation, shopping, old town, architecture, history..everything has its charm!

View from my room



Travelling is kind of therapy for me. I feel that I need to do it to regain energy. I always travel long distances with my family, and try to do short 2-3 days trips with my girl friends and I feel I am lucky to have these girls in my life. So thank you girls for making every trip a fun trip..I can not ask for better travel partners!  We are planning a trip soon…will share it with you guys! Remember to subscribe!

“Eat & Drink” Food Festival in Oslo

I am a Foodie and I love Food Festivals…

Well there are lots of reasons to love a food festival! Whenever there’s one happening in Oslo, I think about going and sometimes I go…

Last Friday I went to the ” Eat & Drink Food Festival” after work with my sister. An inndoor food festival in the heart of Oslo at Oslo Spektrum.


I actually won the tickets through snomono_agency ( They are importor of brands such as Votivo, The Tea Spot and Deep Steep.

Anyways, I just love the idea of going to food festivals because it’s a chance for us to give in to our love for food. A time to indulge our food cravings. I love such festivals because of food of course but mainly to get inspiration and discover new trends in food area.

As my sister and I made our way past the entrance, a dozen different gastronomic aromas hit us in the face. And so many wines (For the record, I don’t drink). It was also possible to take food and wine courses.

Enjoy a few pictures from food festival!





I now regret that I should have taken more pictures, but the music, atmosphere, people, sample food, competitions …all take your attention, and I personally think its relaxing to  “not” take pictures all the time….

People behind stands were so happy and proud to show their products! I visited Niru Masalamagics stand and loved her chutneys. Here is a little glimpse from her stand. By the way I did not know that shops are selling her chutneys etc. So do grab one today! Good prices and yummy treat!

Her book of recipies


All in all I loved being there and tasted and tried a few nibbles and really enjoyed and can’t wait for another opportunity soon….




IMG_8562 (1)

And one last mandatory pic of ME, of course…


Happy Weekend you all !

Happy Women’s Day!

I am dedicating this to all you beautiful women that carry on … no matter what!…..We are strong and intelligent and this world is so much better and fuller…because of us!

Empower each other – Love each other- Together we can conquer the world

Tomorrow is the 8th of March! Its the International Women’s Day..

But do you know why we should celebrate this day? Do you know what a woman’s basic right is?

Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet nearly 70 years ago. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination, to be educated, to own property, to vote and to earn a fair and equal wage.

Basically, “ women’s rights are human rights”.

Some one said to me once that only feminists celebrate this day…

I am not a feminist but do I have to be one to believe that we should be treated like human-being?

Feminism is not about making men weak or women strong. I am against it. I am against thinking that women alone should have the power. I believe that  it’s about giving everyone the power to be strong, ambitious, vulnerable, caring, opinionated — based on their personalities and experiences, and regardless of their gender.


This post is not about me giving you lecture about women’s rights. It just me being me and telling you what I personally feel about being a woman in 2017! Its about my thoughts and how I embrace myself being a woman…and so should YOU! So basically this post is about YOU & ME!

I cant say that I have seen it all, but I have seen much…I have learned that a girl- a woman should be respected, treated well, given equal rights. I come from a culture where gender equality is still an issue…but luckily I was not born in a house which shared the same mentality as most, or atleast 50 % of the society. I have been confused many times hearing stories and things that were not a part of my everyday life, but they were for many I knew…while growing up. I really could not understand at that time…no matter how much I tried…..

Then I got married….

And I saw a different world…a world where men rule, they dont say it loud, but they mean it and its accepted. I am not pointing at anyone, but this is the reality for many girls from my culture…or I thought it was so…until I started hearing same things from friends from other cultures and it hit me…that no matter where we come from, where we live , women in every part of this world are struggling…with one thing or another…a small thing or a bigger one…the struggle is there…

But lets not focus on it…

I think too much focus makes us vulnerable…lets face it and accept it that we know how to treat others with respect and compassion. No matter how badly we are treated by society, individuals and circumstances, we always find a way to put a brave face on and fight another day, despite our emotions…

Men say we are emotional, that’s because we care so much! Some say we are stupid! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that…because you are NOT! ( PS. focus on “some”)

Lets focus on things we do, things that men can not do…and its so true! We are better at analyzing, multi tasking and creative thinking. We can do one thing that men can never do….and will never be able to do in a million years…give birth to actual human beings and in case you ve forgotten , that includes giving birth to boys, who become men!

Dont get me wrong, I am all about men and women should be treated with respect. Men are designed by nature to lead and you can not deny nature’s intelligence. But to be fully accurate, women are biologically stronger than men….

We are survivors! We love, we share and we care!

Remember…. Never forget yourself!  They will forget us, if we forget to think about ourselves!

With this note I would like to wish you all a happy Women’s Day and a happy Wednesday!

Spring it on!

Current Weather:  Snowing but not so cold!

Current Mood:  Spring – ing

Dedicated to:  March –  The beginning of a promise that better days are coming…..

Hello March! Your arrival gives me hope!

March brings so much hope, it makes me happy, joyful & optimistic. Dont get me wrong… I like all seasons, because they bring something special with them, but right now spring is my favourite. I just have had enough of winter. Trust me I love snow…but as long as it is white. Lately it has been so much rain and snow, dark short days that I literally have been feeling a “little” depressed! And the funny thing is that I see same signs on other people’s faces… which makes me even more sad!

Spring….is hope! Feeling the sun on your face, being able to get out more and feeling more positive! I mean what’s not to love about spring?

I feel that new year actually begins with spring, with March, not with January…and it makes proper sense…as the cycle of life, growth, plants.. everything starts in spring, so it really is the beginning of a new year! You dont actually know when it will start but many say it starts on 1st March. Well spring is not an exact science…it starts when its starts, leaving all of us ( or most of us) happy and optimistic!

I have been missing sunlight lately and hoping for longer days…well guess what despite the fact that it still is snowing here, rite this moment….I dont really care because I have seen signs of hope..signs of spring and that is enough for me to be optimistic for better days….

For me… spring is a promise of good things to come……

I did a fun shoot at Damstredet, Oslo a few days back and would like to share a few pics with you guys…Love combination of spring and autumn colours…Hope you enjoy!




Damstredet is a very charming place, quite central in Oslo with well preserved and inhabited wooden houses from the late 1700s and 1800s. It’s worth a visit!

Not fond of this picture…its not an easy task to take faceless pictures…just that you know, but I wanted to share this beautiful picture of wooden door!