Current Weather:  Snowing but not so cold!

Current Mood:  Spring – ing

Dedicated to:  March –  The beginning of a promise that better days are coming…..

Hello March! Your arrival gives me hope!

March brings so much hope, it makes me happy, joyful & optimistic. Dont get me wrong… I like all seasons, because they bring something special with them, but right now spring is my favourite. I just have had enough of winter. Trust me I love snow…but as long as it is white. Lately it has been so much rain and snow, dark short days that I literally have been feeling a “little” depressed! And the funny thing is that I see same signs on other people’s faces… which makes me even more sad!

Spring….is hope! Feeling the sun on your face, being able to get out more and feeling more positive! I mean what’s not to love about spring?

I feel that new year actually begins with spring, with March, not with January…and it makes proper sense…as the cycle of life, growth, plants.. everything starts in spring, so it really is the beginning of a new year! You dont actually know when it will start but many say it starts on 1st March. Well spring is not an exact science…it starts when its starts, leaving all of us ( or most of us) happy and optimistic!

I have been missing sunlight lately and hoping for longer days…well guess what despite the fact that it still is snowing here, rite this moment….I dont really care because I have seen signs of hope..signs of spring and that is enough for me to be optimistic for better days….

For me… spring is a promise of good things to come……

I did a fun shoot at Damstredet, Oslo a few days back and would like to share a few pics with you guys…Love combination of spring and autumn colours…Hope you enjoy!




Damstredet is a very charming place, quite central in Oslo with well preserved and inhabited wooden houses from the late 1700s and 1800s. It’s worth a visit!

Not fond of this picture…its not an easy task to take faceless pictures…just that you know, but I wanted to share this beautiful picture of wooden door!

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