I am dedicating this to all you beautiful women that carry on … no matter what!…..We are strong and intelligent and this world is so much better and fuller…because of us!

Empower each other – Love each other- Together we can conquer the world

Tomorrow is the 8th of March! Its the International Women’s Day..

But do you know why we should celebrate this day? Do you know what a woman’s basic right is?

Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet nearly 70 years ago. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination, to be educated, to own property, to vote and to earn a fair and equal wage.

Basically, “ women’s rights are human rights”.

Some one said to me once that only feminists celebrate this day…

I am not a feminist but do I have to be one to believe that we should be treated like human-being?

Feminism is not about making men weak or women strong. I am against it. I am against thinking that women alone should have the power. I believe that  it’s about giving everyone the power to be strong, ambitious, vulnerable, caring, opinionated — based on their personalities and experiences, and regardless of their gender.


This post is not about me giving you lecture about women’s rights. It just me being me and telling you what I personally feel about being a woman in 2017! Its about my thoughts and how I embrace myself being a woman…and so should YOU! So basically this post is about YOU & ME!

I cant say that I have seen it all, but I have seen much…I have learned that a girl- a woman should be respected, treated well, given equal rights. I come from a culture where gender equality is still an issue…but luckily I was not born in a house which shared the same mentality as most, or atleast 50 % of the society. I have been confused many times hearing stories and things that were not a part of my everyday life, but they were for many I knew…while growing up. I really could not understand at that time…no matter how much I tried…..

Then I got married….

And I saw a different world…a world where men rule, they dont say it loud, but they mean it and its accepted. I am not pointing at anyone, but this is the reality for many girls from my culture…or I thought it was so…until I started hearing same things from friends from other cultures and it hit me…that no matter where we come from, where we live , women in every part of this world are struggling…with one thing or another…a small thing or a bigger one…the struggle is there…

But lets not focus on it…

I think too much focus makes us vulnerable…lets face it and accept it that we know how to treat others with respect and compassion. No matter how badly we are treated by society, individuals and circumstances, we always find a way to put a brave face on and fight another day, despite our emotions…

Men say we are emotional, that’s because we care so much! Some say we are stupid! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that…because you are NOT! ( PS. focus on “some”)

Lets focus on things we do, things that men can not do…and its so true! We are better at analyzing, multi tasking and creative thinking. We can do one thing that men can never do….and will never be able to do in a million years…give birth to actual human beings and in case you ve forgotten , that includes giving birth to boys, who become men!

Dont get me wrong, I am all about men and women should be treated with respect. Men are designed by nature to lead and you can not deny nature’s intelligence. But to be fully accurate, women are biologically stronger than men….

We are survivors! We love, we share and we care!

Remember…. Never forget yourself!  They will forget us, if we forget to think about ourselves!

With this note I would like to wish you all a happy Women’s Day and a happy Wednesday!


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