I am a Foodie and I love Food Festivals…

Well there are lots of reasons to love a food festival! Whenever there’s one happening in Oslo, I think about going and sometimes I go…

Last Friday I went to the ” Eat & Drink Food Festival” after work with my sister. An inndoor food festival in the heart of Oslo at Oslo Spektrum.


I actually won the tickets through snomono_agency (www.snomono.com). They are importor of brands such as Votivo, The Tea Spot and Deep Steep.

Anyways, I just love the idea of going to food festivals because it’s a chance for us to give in to our love for food. A time to indulge our food cravings. I love such festivals because of food of course but mainly to get inspiration and discover new trends in food area.

As my sister and I made our way past the entrance, a dozen different gastronomic aromas hit us in the face. And so many wines (For the record, I don’t drink). It was also possible to take food and wine courses.

Enjoy a few pictures from food festival!





I now regret that I should have taken more pictures, but the music, atmosphere, people, sample food, competitions …all take your attention, and I personally think its relaxing to  “not” take pictures all the time….

People behind stands were so happy and proud to show their products! I visited Niru Masalamagics stand and loved her chutneys. Here is a little glimpse from her stand. By the way I did not know that shops are selling her chutneys etc. So do grab one today! Good prices and yummy treat!

Her book of recipies


All in all I loved being there and tasted and tried a few nibbles and really enjoyed and can’t wait for another opportunity soon….




IMG_8562 (1)

And one last mandatory pic of ME, of course…


Happy Weekend you all !


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