I love travel stories, I love to read about them, I love to talk about them and I love to hear about them. I basically just can’t get enough of them. I have travelled a bit, but I know I have to see more, experience more and enjoy more.

So far I have been to these countries:

Egypt, Mauritius, France, Belgium, Holland, Danmark, Turkey, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Romania, England, Germany…and my next stop will be….planned soon!

I am having travel sickness….I want to travel some where, any where.. where I have not been before. Having kids limits you where and when and how you can travel and even though I would like to travel to places I have not been to before, I can not do that and have to choose same countries many times which is actually a bit sad… because the world is so big and there is so much to see…

Every trip is remarkable and have something which I remember…but I would like to share a few clicks from my girls trip with my sisters and my cousins , the journey went to Warsaw, Poland and I remember every bit of that trip. Its like I close my eyes and the film starts rolling, so much fun and so much drama!

I’m a sucker for beautiful historic Old Towns or city centers and knew that  Warsaw’s old town had recently been rebuilt but I did not know what to expect. But I can tell you I was amazed to see it. Although you can tell by looking at the buildings that they are not original (many of the building facades are painted on rather than having intricate carvings or decorative details as they probably used to). Enjoy a few clicks and see for yourself!


IMG_1162IMG_1293-2 (1)IMG_1185.JPG

We took buggy ride…loved it!
In search of a good cafe’ and there were so many….

Its so charming to see that even though buildings are rebuilt, there are tiny signs from old buildings, such as old bricks and stones which are from the original buildings!

Me doing what I always do….Enjoying fresh tea at this cute little cafe’ which I don’t remember name of…


I loved this trip, we had so much fun, so many laughs, yelled at each other, argued, even had a sister fight which is another story. We lived at Marriott at a very good price. Loved their SPA and food. We even got executive lunch and dinner free of charge because they sent us to a room which was already given to someone else…luckily we did not see any naked scenes but it was quite close. So just to make us feel better they offered us executive lunch and dinner…which we accepted of course!

Another funny thing that happened was ( well whenever I travel with my girls we always and I mean always get time to watch a movie in cinema…yes that’s so true..we live every minute of our trip…not a second is wasted! So we were planning to watch a film after dinner, found out that they were showing a film at 23:30 ( It was Cameron Diaz’s film…can not remember the name..but it was hilarious)…or I dont know if it was hilarious or we were! because we were the only people in cinema at that time..by the way I must not forget to tell you how fancy that cinema was….it was huge and so pretty…have not seen anything like this before! So it was us and two couples who were the only human beings there.

Let me tell you the whole story in few words…

Firstly we had only 5 minutes to get to the cinema, luckily it was not far away from our hotel…so we ran like crazy…and while we were doing so… I realized that my sister was not wearing shoes….And I shouted ” STOP…YOU ARE RUNNING BAREFOOT”..and all the other girls just stopped…and she stopped too and then after two seconds she said ” THEY ARE NUDE!!!! ” and started running again….we followed her of course..and the rest is story!

The film was funny, or since we were dead tired we laughed like crazy and we owned the cinema hall…and we loved it! There is so much to tell about this beautiful city….If you have not been to Warsaw, you should! You will love it, everything from food, transportation, shopping, old town, architecture, history..everything has its charm!

View from my room



Travelling is kind of therapy for me. I feel that I need to do it to regain energy. I always travel long distances with my family, and try to do short 2-3 days trips with my girl friends and I feel I am lucky to have these girls in my life. So thank you girls for making every trip a fun trip..I can not ask for better travel partners!  We are planning a trip soon…will share it with you guys! Remember to subscribe!


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