Do this, do that, click here, check that…what have our lives become?

Today I needed one day off and needed to control my life and regain my energy….just to function normally…

Doing this is actually an art which not many of us conquer..

Calling a day off when you feel that today is the day when you need to relax, to hold back, to listen to your body…it’s an art to listen and understand your body and your soul! But how many times do we listen to our bodies?

Last couple of days have been so hectic ( well most of them are when you have two small kids and I think most of you can relate to me) but I literally have been having low energy level…it’s like you are working like a robot, trying to catch up with everything around you, doing everything in same routine like you always do and when you lay down in the bed late in the night…you just feel that everything is not as it should be!

I was feeling that way, I even felt sick last night and wanted to throw up, because my body was telling me to stop. I went to bed quite early than usual, hoping that this would help me the next day. Today I woke up at 6 am as I always do & was fixing myself ..when I felt the whole world was falling on me! I needed to rest a little more! I did not want to get out of PJs and I did not want to do my hair, I did not want to talk to anyone…and I did not want to go to work!

So I just called this day off!

I sent my children to school, and then I layed down for two hours…

It helped me massive and I was back to normal again…I even baked and tried this new combination of pineapple and coconut muffins which turned out really delicious! I actually bought this pineapple a week ago and now it looked very ripe! And I hate wasting food so I made these yummy muffins real quick, following a recipe I always follow and just added this new combo, which I had not tried before! I also took time to take a few clicks…Enjoy!




My son made this cute placemat:-)



This was by the way my third cup of tea today!






Sometimes you feel a victim of life…there is so many things going on, and you need to follow most of it because there is no other way….or this is what we tell ourselves…but there is a way…and that is to let it go …just this one day! It will help you in a massive way and you will be able to perform your duties in a much better way..And as I am writing this, my back is aching so I should just stop writing and relax before I go and pick up the kids from school…because soon the same routine will start….And I think I should take one Ibux too!

On that note…..have a nice Wednesday and take good care of yourself!


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