Oh Sunday!!! The day of harmony, peace & relaxation!

Life is a roller coaster for every one! And so is it for me sometimes…

I just had two cinnamon buns and a slice of pizza and was feeling quite full so I thought before I start eating anything else, I should just write something…


So I was saying, life is full of ups and downs…

And these things can be anything, from like feeling guilty after eating so many buns, having a sleepless night or as big as facing some real trouble in life!

Today I will tell you what makes my day a good day…

Once a family member of mine told me that in her early days, no matter how days were, the first thing she did after waking up was putting lipstick on and it made every thing fine….

And from that day onwards I started doing the same…and it really really helps me this day! The moment I wake up I get out of my PJs , do my hair and put on lipstick. On working days I do put on foundation, blush and mascara and of course lipstick, but on Saturdays and Sundays I just put on lipstick , go in the kitchen and make breakfast for the family…It really makes me feel good and I truly believe that looking good makes you feel good!

We all want to be happy. But we have our own notions or beliefs about what needs to happen in our lives before we can be happy and satisfied. There is so many things we think about every day and want our lives to be perfect in order to be happy!

But there isn’t any guarantee that a particular thing will make you truly happy, then why not just be happy for what you have because happiness comes from inside you, not from achieving a goal or being best in something. That is of course a sort of happiness which no one is denying, but is it your true happiness???

So my advice is just go with the flow and make your day easy and happy…

Put on lipstick & enjoy this moment!


The present moment is all you are ever promised. Don’t postpone happiness for a time that might never come….

And on this note, I wish you all a very happy Sunday XOXO




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