Hey guys!

Join me on our adventure to Legoland Denmark!

I decided to write a short post about this trip before we went there. The reason is because I did not find any useful information from a common person on google. I googled and googled and did find a few forums from 2007 and 2009 but as you know in forums, people ask questions and get a concrete reply. I wanted something more…Like everything from how much things costs there, what to expect, where to live to enjoy the most, where to eat, what to do and what to avoid. In other words, basic information.

So now I am here, sharing my experience, feel free to ask questions if anything pops up in your mind which I may forget to write about. So here we go…..


We had been planning to take our kids to Legoland theme park in Billund, Denmark for about two years now. Each summer we touched this topic, but instead we chose to travel somewhere else mainly because we felt it was way too costly for just 2 days when we could get something better in same price class and of course more days.


This year, just a week before the Easter Holidays, me and my good neighbour ( who also have two kids) went for a walk and talked randomly about Easter and our plans. What started out as a casual talk, turned into a plan!
Well making long story short, I came home, talked to my husband and we decided that it would be really fun for the kids to visit theme park with the kids at their age. And we felt that now was the rite time, my kids are by the way 8 and 6 and I feel this was the perfect time to take them to Legoland. The perfect age when they can walk for hours, but still can enjoy everything.
Well coming back to the plan! So after we decided that we were doing this, the next step was to make the bookings!
To make sure we did everything exactly same, me and my neighbour sat late in the night to find hotel and they had already decided to take Stena Lina ( Ship ) to Denmark so we just went with the plan. I have once travelled with Color Line Fantacy and it was a fun Ship! So I basically thought that Stena Line would be in the same category ( keep on reading to find out more)
I must mention that I really love Denmark. It’s like I am living in the wrong side of Scandinavia, I should actually be living in Denmark…( But we are not going to talk about my love for Denmark in this post..atleast for now) So I did not want to live in one of those Legoland hotels ( they are almost the same price as any other hotel nearby in Easter Holidays) So we chose Vejle as our staying place. It is the most cutest little city..And oh just writing about it makes me miss it!
Anyways we booked our Ship tickets and hotel and decided not to tell our children…but we did ..like after 3 days ( and from that day on all 4 of them, 2 ours and 2 neighbours were like youtubing and watching videos about Legoland and Lalandia). PS. I will write a short post about Lalandia ( indoor waterpark ) too. Kids were super excited and so were we….
Gifts for the kids from Stena Line
Moving on to my experience in this trip….
Travelling with Stena Line:
Luckily we had our dinner before we took the Ship because there is not much to choose inside the ship. Just ok restaurants and a cafe’ type thing which had old sandwiches and cakes. Not good sitting place. Tax free was ok but really need a make over. Children’s program was good, but I was so tired that I just wanted it to end really quick. Our cabin was ok as they are in Ships. Clean but old. On our way back, we ate lunch in one of those better restaurants. Children took fish and chips. Chips were good, fish, not so good. Service was like 4 out of 10. I ordered Salmon…was not good at all.
My verdict, just ok ship…not my favourite!
PS. Remember to take your passports when travelling from Norway.
From Fredrikshavn to Billund:
We travelled by car and followed E45 ( motorway) all the way. It took us about 2,5 hours , with a short breakfast break. Lovely scenary all the way. Verdict: Loved travelling by car and enjoyed along the way! Kids became a little restless, but other than that it was a nice car trip.
So finally we were in Legoland…YAAAY!
Legoland theme park is built entirely with Lego bricks . Legoland is located very close to Billund airport and the distance is walkable in a few minutes, making the park ideal for those who do not have much time. ( And for those who are not so fond of car trip—like me in any other case)
The line at the customs was not so crazy the first day but on our second day it was like……CRAAAAZY. Luckily we had already purchased our day 2 tickets so we did not have to wait that long. And it made me think that lines must be really long in peak season! More about costs later in the post…For now enjoy a few clicks!
Took this with my kids…loved it!



Been here……in Thailand!


We took ride in Ninjago world…which was awsome with playgame..and obviously I came on last place!



In summer, Legoland turns into a very pretty park with flowers and everything which reminds you of summer.
There is that ghost house …was not scary but the ride inside was quite cool..Well my daughter said it was “funny scary” ..hmmm whatever that means…
All 8 of us took this…was fun. See how this ride looked in the picture under…



A ride in the castle…


So wanted to take this, but kids wanted to take alone…
My daughter and husband sat in frontseat here and behind them me and my son…a long train kind of thing. Screams, laughs, fun and more fun. We even bought a picture magnet for our fridge. The picture was so funny…



First signs of spring..
 Here ends the photo diary of Legoland…
Some people might say that there isn’t really much for grown ups to do except maybe ride some roller coasters that they have. But if you are anything like me, it’s definitely for grown ups too. Or part of it. I had so much fun and so did the kids. But it poured and it was cold!!! I am glad we visited Legoland in this season. Cant imagine myself waiting in lines to take the rides. We waited approximately 15 to 20 minutes. For some popular kids rides, we even waited for over half an hour. It must be crazy in summer. So I would suggest that if you have plans to visit Legoland, do it in spring break, Easter Holidays or any other holidays, but not in summer vacations!
The food inside was just ok and expensive…glad we were living in cutest Vejle which had beautiful restaurants and good food so we had lovely dinners.
Summing up:
 2 days in Legoland will cost you:
Tickets days 1: About 1100 Norwegian krones for two adults, children get free pass as long as they are BR club members.
Food and beverages: About 1500 Norwegian krones. This includes lunch, coffee and ice cream for kids.
Parking ticket: About 70 Norwegian krones.
Tickets day 2: About 800 Norwegian for all 4
Food and beverages: About 700 Norwegian krones as children did not eat anything properly the day before, so we bought fries, ice cream, buns etc for them.
Parking ticket: About 70 Norwegian krones.
So when you plan to travel to Legoland, keep in mind that you will be using about 15 to 20 thousand Norwegian krones, which will include, transport, accomodation with breakfast, lunch, themepark tickets, dinner and when you are in Legoland, you will definitely pay a visit in Legoshop and that costs too:-)
Verdict:  I personally think that theme parks should have better food with better prices. There is no point in selling things so expensive in childrens park. But over all it was a good experience, and most of all our kids totally enjoyed!
Enjoy reading!
On on this note, Good night from me!

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