Story of friendship that lasts….

Okaaaaay so here it goes…..

I m literally standing here waiting for my train.  Sun is shining and it’s quite warm today, but just the way I like it, not too much that it burns my skin and for the record I feel dizzy if I am out in the sun for a few hours…but that’s just me…let’s all be thankful that it’s sunny!!!

Seems like my wish came true! ( Happy face)

Why I am choosing to write about friendship today? That is exactly the story in my mind and I will paper it for you!

While I was walking from my office to take this train…I kept on thinking about a telephone conversation I had today, in fact just a few hours before….and it made me think… that how lucky I am!
My friend T called me…..Oh and I did not realize how much I missed her before I heard her voice! So T ..if you are reading this…it’s for you!
Anyways T is one of my dearest friends who I got to know when I started in University in another city.   I did not know anyone there and I met T in the buss on our way to the University. And my luck T and I were taking same classes. So that’s the short “get to know each other ” story, but after that day , we made some serious memories. We became almost like sisters.
T lives in another city and last time I met her was for almost two years ago…..on her baby-shower! Can you imagine!!!
Friendships are important to every human, and sometimes you get detached and aloof from people who mean so much to you ..but they are still there and every time you speak to each other, it’s like all that time, all the distance does not matter at all…you are friends and you will remain friends, no matter what! I feel so fortunate to always reconnect in an effortless way with my dearest friends!
The list of my closest friends is not very long, I am kind of a person who normally like everyone. I like people for who they are and what they stand for. My rule is to accept and respect people for who they are! But I am very picky when it comes to giving a place in my heart. I can count on my fingers how many dearest friends I have and those are very near and very dear to me and I know in my heart that I have to make time for them. It’s the least I can do!
I love to surround myself with incredible people and being there for each other unconditionally—that’s what makes me truly happy….and that’s what these few people do to me…they genuinely make me the happiest!
They’re always there for me, telling me when I’m wrong and putting me back on track. They have no filter with me and we are always real with each other. My conversation with T reminded me of how damn lucky I am to have such beautiful and honest people in my life. They love me and they show me their love …which is so important!
I believe true friendship demands an honest gesture of love…and that’s it!
What do you think?
Well me and T made plans of meeting very soon & I am so excited!
And on that note, I will see you again!

When in Vilnius…

Travelling to a place you have never been to can be everything from scary to beautiful!

How many of you dream to travel to new places every year or whenever the opportunity comes??? Not just to add a number to your “DO-LIST – BEFORE I DIE” but to really enjoy and to appreciate the world and it’s countries! I believe that travelling to new places is one of the most beautiful experience you can ever come across….

I came back from Vilnius, Lithuania’s charming capital a few days back and it impressed me with it’s history and beautiful buildings, great restaurants and shopping, and all this for a cheap money! Or..well every thing else except shopping because the prices were just the same as in Norway.



Vilnius is home to one of Europe’s largest old towns, which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Did you know that Vilnius have world’s most popular churches? They can be found on almost every corner, and you can visit more than 40 on your city trip.


Only in this street it was like 3 or 4 churches



In addition, the city is known to have many beautiful museums, cozy streets and towers offering stunning views of the city. There are so many things you can enjoy! 


View from Bell Tower




My new Samsung has a pretty nice camera!!! Don’t you think?


We were 4 girls who travelled with Norwegian airlines. You can always get good price tickets to Vilnius. It takes about 1 hour and 5o minutes from Oslo to Vilnius. From Vilnius airport you can either take taxi as we did and paid roughly 15 euros. It took us about 8 minutes. It’s quicker with train and costs under 1 euro and takes about 5 minutes. I know this because we took train on our back. We lived in old town just beside the train station so it was really convenient for us to take train back to Vilnius airport, which by the way is a very small airport.

We loved our stay in Vilnius and did the most out of a 2,5 days trip! We even managed to see a movie in Cinema ( we always do it on our girls trips) Loved the food and totally amazed by the beautiful city! We spent one afternoon sipping afternoon tea in the beautiful and majestic Kempinski Cathedral Hotel, just in the heart of the city. Those nibbles were mouth-watering and designed as if they were a piece of art and not enough with that , they tasted like heaven! See for yourself…





Feel like doing a separate post for this afternoon tea session!


SPA at Kempinski was lovely too!

All in all it was a fun trip..except that a few people , specially in old town were a bit rude, or may be they were not rude and that was just their way of replying to a stranger but the first 1 hour or so in old town…. we literally felt like we were not welcomed in their country…..AND that feeling was bad!  We kept on thinking if it was because of our skin colour, but luckily rest of the trip went smooth….So we would like to think that it was our bad luck that we bumped into real rude people!

Before I forget… I must mention, the staff at Kempinski Hotel was extra ordinarily nice! If you ever travel to Vilnius, I would highly recommend this pretty place!

I know people like to see pictures so here I am sharing a few clicks from the trip…. hope you will enjoy!









In love with my jacket which was a bargain!




So wanted to take a picture in this pose! Loved it when the result came out so well after just one shot!






This was so yum!






Old towns always inspires me!





Bought a Russian doll for my lil girl!




After two days we knew all the streets by heart…in old town. City was more complex though


In this short span of time….we managed to do almost everything that we had decided to do! Remember you do not need to stay at a new place / city for a week or more to see every thing it is offering. Just do good research and make notes. It’s always a good idea to save the places you are interested in visiting in your google map. That way you won’t feel very lost…but feeling a little lost the very first day is just ok!!!

I believe that you need to escape from your hectic life to gain a little energy, some big time excitement, which can provide you with that little extra adventure which eventually will help your mind!

Our lives are hectic and most of people I know have small kids, but it’s ok to go on an escape for 1 day or 2 days or 3 days for that matter, without feeling guilty. You are doing yourself a favour and you are doing your kids a favour. They get the time to miss you and you can give full attention to yourself.

So girls what I am trying to say is, call your girl friend og friends… book a spa date, followed by an afternoon tea. Watch a movie in the evening with your girlfriend/s. You don’t need to travel to another country to do so. Book a room in a hotel where you live! And I can guarantee you, you will feel more energetic and full of life the next day!

For me, these trips are not just an escape ( escape is not a negative word-! by the way )After every trip and after doing all the above things, I get an energising boost to start things with a fresh mind and soul!




And on that note…Good night and happy reading!