This my friends…is a secret….wrapped as a gift….which I am going to reveal rite here and rite now…………..

Sorry just wanted to start with a bang…


this by the way is my gift to myself…loved the wrapping and had to capture it!


I know it’s Tuesday and  still a few days till Sunday but I just wanted to share a few tips that made my week so far a bit easier, if I may say so….

Lately I have been feeling that I lack so much time and energy and so many things happening in weekend that I felt I had no control on my schedule, my life….so last Sunday I was home alone  and it made me see things from a pretty nice perspective. In fact I was watching ” HOMELAND” on Netflix and while doing so I organised my whole week! Can you believe this… ( Don’t you think Season 1 was best…I am on Season 3 and quite frankly it’s not the same as Season 1…..okay but that’s not what I am supposed to write about now)


Anyways so I was saying that as much as I want to be the type of person who coasts into Monday morning clearheaded , meal prepped and organized, with an early bird workout under my belt….the fact is I am not! Life is not prefect and I am not prefect…I want to believe that I am but then I will be lying to myself. ( PS. there was a time when everything was under control)

What comes in your mind when the alarm wakes you on Monday mornings?


For all those who are anything like me…keep on reading because this is not just my story…it’s very much yours too!

Monday morning alarm…

Me situation:  Groggy from my ” just one more episode” late night Netflix… bad habit.


I am annoyed, stressed, want to sleep more but no more… That’s why I sourced a few best things to do on Sunday to make my weekend easier…And by the way I did that while watching Netflix! ( Irony of my life)



Do you have one? Because I do! In fact I have three! And how many times do I check it? Ehhh once in a month may be!

I used to check every day …but not anymore… I have one at my work, one hanging on my fridge and one almost all the time in my purse! Tip number 1:  On Sunday look at you calender with INTENTION and I tell you, it will help big time  !!!


Do a little meal prep..or atleast make a list and see if you have everything in pantry, fridge or freezer for that matter..

It’s a hassle to plan every day sitting on train on my way to home..what shall we eat today??  I did this on Sunday and honestly I am so happy!


Tidy up! I thoroughly cleaned my house but you only need to get rid og all clutter in 15 minutes!


Honestly Mondays are worse, so just make a clear plan for Monday. If you get through Monday…your whole week will be saved! Write down everything!


Also make time for doing something good, like a date night!. Create some space for things you love doing…and I don’t mean Netflix!

Do a facial mask, watch a good movie, or just relax! Sundays are for relaxation!

AND FOR GODSSAKE GO TO BED EARLY on Sunday, don’t sit there scrolling up your Instagram forever…this  will allow you to wake up fully rested on Monday….I am telling you, its a huge thing!

I didn’t do anything which I didn’t know of! I just did what we all should try doing. Do this and let Mondays go smooth…rest of the week will be a piece of cake!

And on this note, Good night!


Lilacs have such a short season…but they are the most beautiful!









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