Ok I am a Gemini and I am born on 21st June!  and for until about the age of 12, I thought my birthday was on the 22nd of June , making me a cancerian! And well I dont know how it all kept on happening, but my mother accepted it somehow and I kept on celebrating my B’day every year on the 22nd! Well actually for just a couple of years, when I was old enough to decide if to celebrate and who to invite….

So one day I saw my passport and found out that I was actually born a day before….so Hello 21st of June, Here I am!

I can actually go on and on for hours but who wants to read me all day! So since it’s my birthday, I figured I would compile a list of things that I’ve learned so far which might help my fellow readers or younger generation…and if nothing else happens and no one appreciates these things rite now, may be and just may be my kids, who by the way are 9 and soon turning 7 will read this one day and get an idea that life and people are not so bad after all….or may be they can can go through this blog like a scrapbook thing and think that ” WOW our mom could write!!! ”


Ok here is my list:


People always criticise…it’s like they are living for criticising you. I have either listened other people criticizing others or have seen in their eyes…The worst one is when they just give you this look and it gives you chills in your whole body. I am telling you no matter where in life you are, these people will find you! The best solution is…. say nothing, do nothing and ignore…You are not getting rid of them…but you have the ability to avoid them and ignore them! So do that!


Always start with a small idea, become really good at it and then think bigger!! The best way to get success and a feeling of mastering something is thinking small and growing outward! Be really good at one thing at a time…don’t try to be everywhere…Remember there is just one of you!


Life my friend is really short…seems quite long but it’s not! So be nice to everyone you meet. What’s the point in being a bitch? Honestly, I believe that true happiness lies in being nice with everyone, no matter what…I try to do so every day and I know you do it too…Start with a smaller thing , like say hi to your busdriver every day…It’s my routine that no mater what… I have to say HI to my busdriver!


We ….the people of this earth are so talented in judging others….without even knowing them! I mean it is really a thing ? That’s just being nasty! You never know what struggles a person have had. People’s life may look flawless and glamorous, but everyone has a story. I have one! But this does not give me rite of judging people , I should look at myself and rather try to make myself better!


With growing age, you get wiser and more tolerant and start looking at life with another perspective! I have realized now that no matter what I do and how I try to change myself for someone…the outcome will always be a failure! It’s so true  ( my experience). You can never change a person and you can just forget to change their thinking…it only happens in movies-, In real life…it could lead to a lot of drama! You can not control anyone, just take a deep breath and move on…


Stick to a healthy lifestyle! Eat well, sleep well, go for a walk, drink lots of water and most of all smile and try to relax! Your body should be treated like a temple!


If you want to do something in your life, get up and do it! No one else is going to do it for you! Life is what you make of it! Remember you have to make an effort to achieve something. Things won’t fall from the sky for you to have them! You have to work for them, and the very first step is remembering that you have to do it yourself! Not anyone else…but ONLY YOU!


Worry won’t make you happy! Don’ t stress. Life happens and worrying is pointless. Focus on good things in your life, your family, your friends….worry does not need your attention! I wish some one had told me this in my teens but now I am telling you…!


I love when people look at me and smile…and I smile back of course! I also try to smile first, just to win the “smiling- competition” LOL.

Be thoughtful, be nice! No one is perfect and all of us are facing something in our lives which we are so afraid to tell others……you have to take care of yourself…and you have to remember that you get this life just once…It’s a blessing and a blessing should not be wasted on pointless things! Take one day at a time and smile and be thank ful for all the good things you have been blessed with!

And on this note….wish me a happy birthday!

I love you all!!!







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