Almost all of us have living fantasies about our dream home and we keep on making small changes all the time to achieve that satisfying feeling which makes us happy and proud to show our home to others.

This summer it’s all about renovating my home…Renovation is far easier than done. My current home is a place I fell for the moment I walked in it. Before that we had been to a few houses , newer and finer but nothing made me felt like this one did! Not just me but also my kids, who at that time were almost 6 and almost 4…they totally melted for this place, which we now call our home!  We were lucky enough to get it …it was almost 3 years ago!

But of course there were things which needed improvement , like our bathroom. So basically I have been trying to convince my husband to start bathroom project and we have had many discussions. My plan was to do that one year and take the kitchen along with the upper portion next year. But my husband decided all of a sudden that if we are doing this, then we are doing everything this summer!!!!

Imagine yourself sitting in office and you get a call that we are doing renovation in a few weeks…I started my summer holidays by deciding my bathroom and kitchen, quite sure about my kitchen but bathroom is a mix choice so now I am so worried and anxious to see the final result which might take a few weeks.

And the main living room is another story, I just dont know how this one wall which my husband has been talking about a few years will turn out. Having so many thoughts but decided to zip it as after all it’s not just my place and I can try to work it out with my interior skills…hopefully.

And then suddenly I got a call today that what do I want behind the sofa wall….I don’t know seriously so I just want to paint it white and may be hang pictures in different sizes and a round mirror ( I loved this round mirror my grandfather buyed for several years ago, I think it was even before my birth…. which my parents gave to me when I went to University in another city and then I took it back with me….so …. it has been with me for so many years! And sadly a few months before I broke a piece of it while cleaning) Ahhh but I still have it and the broken part is hidden behind a larger mirror on floor) That was the story of this round mirror…which by the way I can not use so I might look for a new one…..

Making long story short….what I am trying to say it is that I have no clue how I am going to make everything work out! Just concentrating on renovation now.

So that’s how my life is nowadays…And before I forget I just want to add how much work my husband has put into renovation, working his ass off. And yes he does not read my blog at all and in fact is not interested in anything like this but in all this process I feel like I should appreciate what he has done because for those who know him, he is not at all a handy man!

Here a little glimpse from our home…a little sad about my fireplace which was one of the reasons we bought this house….


This used to be my bathroom…just a skeleton now….



We had to pack everything, take down everything from walls as we are also upgrading our roof, walls and also floors


This fireplace was everything to me….but now we have decided to get rid of this as it took too much space. Luckily we have one downstairs too!


And on this note….wish me luck and lots of patience. Just one week left of my holidays and I don’t know how things will go….Good night you all !




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