Weekend smiles & chasing Fall …..

Hey lovlies!

It’s Friday but no more Summery Friday! It’s time for Fall….. My favourite time of the year and I am so ready to take out my Fall wear, cozy jumpers, scarfs and coats!

Long time no hear! Been so busy cleaning home, getting things out of boxes.. a lot has been done and rest will be done soon…well atleast I hope so!

Kids school have also started and so have the extra curricular activities and I am trying to be as much effective as possible and try to do as much as I can. So proud of myself this week and I have also been preparing dinner for next day and I even get the time to watch my current obsession ” Orphan Black”. I am totally hooked and I sometimes watch it while making lunch boxes for my kids, other times while cleaning the kitchen ( so satisfied with having an open kitchen and living room) but today I was amazingly done with everything at 9 pm! And have been relaxing on my couch and watching Orphan Black! I have even forced some of my friends to watch this series, some have already started and some will start soon…This series is by the way a fiction thriller about an orphan girl obviously… who finds out that there is not just one of her…well saying no more….Do check it out and I know you ll love it!



Chasing Fall….

So I was actually saying that it’s fall and I don’t understand why some people want to cling to last signs of summer and become so unhappy when thinking or talking about Fall…I personally believe that one should embrace every season and think positive. The more negative you are , the more unhappy you’ll become.


If there is one thing we all want…it’s happiness and I believe that being positive equals to being happy. Put your life into perspective, think good of others and be optimistic!


My suggestion for Fall: Make plans for this season, what do you want to do, how do you want to celebrate it ? I am anxiously waiting for the leaves to change colour and then fall on the ground. A bit colder means more cups of tea and coffee and that’s a win win for me! I love wearing cosy jumpers and cuddling up with a good book or watching Netflix 😉 We still have one fireplace left and I love when we light it…so I am totally ready to welcome my favourite season and I hope you are too!

Be excited because it’s the key to smiles and happiness:-) And on this note, have a wonderful weekend!