Can’t tell how excited I am to do this segment! My heart is pounding and I feel like doing something great! I am smiling as I am writing this and so excited to share my very first Coffee with Sisdiaries….


Usually I just talk about myself, my thoughts and my experiences, which I love doing of course and I feel that if I can inspire one soul out there, it’s worth doing it! I have been thinking to do something fun and something where I can involve my audience too. And at the same time I want to introduce you to women who are living a normal family life, having lots of responsibilities, doing a 8 am to 16 pm job but still finds time to do what inspires them most and what they are passionate about!


I get so much positive energy from these women who finds time and use it wisely while doing everything else that comes as a ” responsibility”. Women should empower each other and help each other bloom! And I think if I can make a difference, I would be honoured!


These stories may inspire others too who think that having a regular job and having kids and family means that you can not pursue your dream because guess what …YOU CAN!!!


My first coffee date is with one of Norway’s first Pakistani photographer who gave photography a new and fresh touch and I am so happy that you will get to know her through my blog!


We met at Jamie Olivers restaurant the other day after work and had a lovely chat. It was a rainy day and cold but both of us were excited for this and that alone made it so much fun!




So ladies may I introduce you to Shumaila of ” ShumailaHussain Photography”!



Your name and location? Shumaila / Oslo, Norway


Your passion:  Mainly photography.


Is your passion your profession too? If not, what is your regular job? I wish, but no. I work as a software developer.


How many kids do you have, their age? I have Ma Sha Allah two kids ages 5 and 2. A small happy family.


How do you combine your hobby with your normal life? 

Its hard! Its down right hard. A job, family and home leaves very little time to pursue my passion. But I try as much as possible to keep my first baby ( my camera !) close to me. I hate to say I barely take my kids photos with my DSLR but mostly use my Iphone 7 plus for pictures and videos. The portrait feature in Iphone 7 is really cool.


What motivated you to start taking photographs?

I have always been drawn towards photography. I was barely ever in front of the camera. When I was 8/9 years old my cousin had an SLR and the pictures she used to take of us always turned out extra special. I think deep down that have been my motivation…


Who is your inspiration?

The list is long. But in simple words creative people inspire me. There is so much inspiration and creativness on social media today. I don’t think in this time and age anyone can live without being inspired by one person or another. In terms of photography I am highly inspired by Sujata Setia! What a magician she is. I love how she not only capture the person but their soul in a photograph. I also am a fan of Sojhla in Norway.


When did you buy your first camera? And what type was it?

I bought my first DSLR in 2008. It was canon 450d. I’ve had digital cameras before and an old Minolta analogue SLR which I found in junk at my grandmothers house in the village. It was a beautiful camera and opened up many doors for my vision in photography.


Your current camera/lens?

I own canon 5d mark 2. And I love my canon 70-200 f2.8. I have other lenses too collecting dust, although I use 50mm f1.4 quite a bit too. I don’t feel the need to upgrade my camera body, it meets my requirement more than enough.


When did you realize that you can be a photographer?

I did not realize that! My cousins and sister made me do it. Funny as it may sound but they had faith in my talent more than I had it. They always stood model for me. My sister made me start a Facebook Fanpage in 2008, before that I was only blogging about my photography and posting on deviantart. I had my first paid shoot in 2008 which was a gift from my cousin to her friend.  I owe a lot to these girls.


Do you get any support at home for fulfilling your passion?

Yes! Anything is impossible without support from home. My sister is my real critique. My parents always appreciate my work.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Probably doing what I am doing now. And my kids as my assistants. I really wish to have my own space one day.


How do you not loose yourself in a world of many photographers?

My goal is not wedding photography. Been there done that, and will never do. My area of interest is families and kids.


What is your most favourite work? And Why?

I love all my family and kids shoots. Their smiles are contagious. I love documenting the early newborn days, the family love and bond.


7 months.jpg



7 months1



We are living in a world where each day a new person is coming in this field, either professionely or as a hobbyist. What would you suggest to the new comers?

Your competition is only with yourself. When we start competing against the existing ones in a field,  we fail and we fail miserably. Find your style and stick with it and educate yourself. Its a constant learning process.

And with this question we ended our interview!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Shumaila! I would love to get in touch with girls who are pursuing their dreams. We always talk about that someone has got a degree in something, was best in class etc etc, but we should give equal appreciation and celebrate the fun things people do and are passionate about!

We get this life just once…so do everything that makes you happy and that you know can make some one else happy too!

And on this note, happy weekend and I would love your feedback!

Love ya!


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