What is the one thing that comes in your mind when someone says the word ” gossip”?

Take a moment and think…

I also took a moment and felt drained! It may be that my life is so hectic nowadays…and I am sure many of you feel the same but the word ” gossip” makes me super tired.

God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we could listen more and may be talk less  (hence one mouth and two ears?) When we open our mouths we can either bless or curse and it only takes a spark,to set off a forest fire. I believe that a careless or wrongly placed word out of your mouth can do that….. which is quite scary….

It’s not that I am a Saint and have never gossiped, I do every now and then and I have always thought that as long as my ” discussion” about someone is not harmful and is anonymous, it’s ok! But is it really ok?

Before I share my thoughts about this topic, I would firstly like to say that this is just my opinion, not a critic to anyone, anywhere in the world and I did not actually planned to write about it, just like I never actually plan about my posts, except of course ” Coffee with Sisdiaries” ( By the way, did you read the first one? ).  Anyways…..I just got an idea while I was at work and felt that it’s good to have a loose talk about something all of us do, one way or the other!

Secondly…and it’s very very important that I mention that a large number of my friends literally and I mean it, are not a gossiper ( if that’s a word). There has been times that me and my friends have talked about someone but that is it. And as I am writing this, I am thinking hard if it is accurate information and I am feeling proud that it is.

But I also have people in my life who keep on talking about same topics, same people over and over again…and I feel drained! I feel that there is no end! Luckily the number is very very small…its almost next to nothing! So thank God for that!

Once I was talking to my sister ( who by the way, is wiser than me) , so as we were talking about a certain thing, she said ( which in fact is something I know too, even if she is the wiser one…lol ). Anyways she said that if a friend of yours is talking about another good friend making you feel that this other friend is strange or a character, then you should be aware of this friend of yours….I actually got a bit irritated but lately I have realized that once a person you call your very good friend talks too much about every other person, you should be aware of this person…because you might be the next target.

I have learned the hard way that gossip in fact betrays a confidence!


I don’t know why but this picture which I didn’t take for this blogpost suddenly seems too appropriate to use here!


Then there is another aspect to this very topic. What if I want to share an information for the sake of getting some advice. Can I share the information without using names? or make it very anonymous? Is it still a gossip??

We “girls” are very good at sharing information and I do it all the time, but may be we should wait a second and think about why are we talking and sharing this much? And filter the information which I have to share contra what I feel talking about just to fill the air!

What do you do, when someone is sharing an information which you are not interested in hearing? Do you keep on listening or making a small talk around it or do you stop that person? Can anyone have this much courage to do it?? I don’t! It requires guts to tell people you like that this is not a topic you are interested in discussing or hearing for that matter!

Can we try to be better by encouraging each other to avoid inappropriate information. I mean you should share it by all means if you feel like doing it and if you feel like listening it. But the dilemma is, what if you are not interested????

I believe that what comes out of your mouth gives a picture of what is truly in your heart. If you are bitter, angry, or unforgiving your words will probably not be full of love.  But may be if you allow your heart to be filled with mercy, grace, and love ,your words will be filled with the same.

May be we should instead of thinking about others, fill our hearts with courage ,satisfaction and confidence to see just the good in other people? And think every time we try to share an information if we are sharing just for the sake of sharing to fill the air? I know I have to work on it. Do you too???

Lastly I believe that if your heart is filled with a bad feel after you gossiped, it’s a good thing! It’s a good feel.

And on this note, I wish everyone a great week ahead! Make the best of every single minute and enjoy your life. Love ya!













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