You Are A Reason To Smile…

Hello Sunday!

I am making lasagne today and admiring the beautiful Fall from my kitchen window. I love Sundays because most of them are so relaxed, just like today & I am so thankful for that!



As I may have told you guys that I do not plan to write about a specific thing, I just get an idea or if I think about something while doing a chore, and if I can’t stop thinking about it, I just have to pen it!

I met someone this weekend and have thought about this person ever since!

There are some people you meet, who leave a mark, not only because they are beautiful but their whole existence makes a difference. They are called the happy & positive people!

I have never understood why some people always complain and no matter how easy things are for them, let it be life or anything else in life, they still find something to complain about! I always wonder how someone can do it?

Also I never understand why people don’t let go of their past? Why sticking to things that happened once upon a time? And specially things that make you even more negative?

I have always believed that being happy and positive is something you can decide. Somethings are beyond your control, but attitude and positivity is yours and only yours. You will be surprised to see what your positive attitude can do to you! And I am telling you rite here and rite now…that it can do wonders!  Trust me!

Don’t get me wrong, I know people are different and have different stories, but everyone have a story, you will be surprised to know that the happiest person you are seeing have had the most difficult stories…So take a moment and tell yourself, if they can do it, why can’t you?

So this post is actually a dedication to all those people who face real difficulties in life, but they find a way to smile! And you should know that..Your smile is the most beautiful in the world and you give this life a purpose! So be proud of yourself!!!

No matter where life takes you, find a reason to smile, and most of all …you should know that, YOU are a reason to smile! Never loose hope and never ever think you can’t do it, because you can!

So guys spread positive vibes and don’t always try to be nice. Sometimes you have to take a distance from those whose energy makes you negative, even if it’s for a tiny second!

Take care of yourself and be Positive and stay Happy!

And on this note a very happy Sunday and get ready for a new week!





Coffee with Sisdiaries!

When I got married, for about a million years ago…..I was lucky enough to have my sister and my friends to do all the wedding decoration. I literally did not know what was going on. The moment I entered the wedding hall, as a bride of course,  the decor made me cry! ( And of course the song that was playing in the background and my father’s face). Making long story short, my lovely bunch of girls, did a splendid job and I am forever thankful!

But not everyone is as lucky as I was!

A wedding requires so much planning. A bride has to think about millions of things, and if you have to design, purchase, plan and decorate your wedding venue…just imagine , wouldn’t it be so much easier to let someone else do it?? Someone who truly is passionate about it and will give you, your dream wedding, without you getting exchausted and tired?

Yes guys! Today my Coffee with Sisdiaries is about a very talented and creative girl who is willing to make every effort to give you a dream wedding! I am talking about the creator of Bullevents, Fatma!



I can talk on and on but let’s check out her interview with me followed by some pictures which I took some time ago while she was styling a wedding venue. The way she turned it into a beautiful venue was amazing! Thank you for inviting me Bull Events!

Let’s enjoy my interview with her…..






                                                    THE INTERVIEW


How did you come up with the name Bullevents?

I wanted to choose a name which represents me, my ambition and my goal. It was a tough job but I eventually landed on choosing “Bullevents”, inspired by the publishing company my husband runs with the name Bull Media Consulting AS.

Was weddingplanning something you had planned or did it happened all of a sudden?

Not at all! Although I find myself quite creative and love transforming simple things into a wow object. But it was first when I did decoration at my own wedding that this thought hit me!. Also because my friends and my husband encouraged me and appreciated my work. It was mainly at that moment that my mind started working and planning.

What was your main aim and ambition?

I wanted to introduce something unique. A concept that was missing and I also wanted my clients to be a part of planning all the details with me without getting a ready-made stage. My aim has always been to do something different every time and avoid do overs.






Lovely flowers from Rosita flower shop who came to deliver fresh flowers while I was there to see Bullevents in action!





What is the average price of your event?

It’s a bit difficult to answer, mainly because every project I do is different. I try to co-operate with my clients and try to find a budget that suits them. My aim is not to charge my clients with uneccessary costs but to give them an experience of a life time which they can cherish for ever! I prefer quality instead of quantity and me designs reflect who I am.

You have some remarkable pieces! May I ask where do you buy you project displays/ pieces from

I love unique things and funny that you ask, because I actually go to vintage auctions and shops to look for pieces I can use in my wedding projects, for example. my favourite is these candelabras! The wooden wall you see in the picture have I built myself and so proud of it.



How has your experience been so far, in terms of client experience and feedback?
I feel that I have been lucky enough to have clients who understands how much time and effort I put in the projects I do for them. I appreciate and love when my clients see all the work because it is not just a wooden wall and curtains you are seeing, its hard work, good purchases, long nights of working and being creative. This mirror wall you are seeing is actually something I have made myself.
What sorts of services do you offer?
Normally I offer a full package which includes consultation, planning and designing the entire concept.
Can you share your first experience with the audience?
In one word…CHAOTIC! But something I often smile about and so proud of!
My very first clients was this lovely couple who trusted me even when I had nothing to show them. Usually I show my clients my previous work, but at that time I had nothing to show other than my sketch, which they approved and went with it. I would like to mention that at that time I did not even have my equipment ready. Things were purchased but not delivered yet. It’s difficult to tell how I felt at that time, but keeping my fingers crossed and with a pounding heart and of course a plan B, I kept on hoping for the best. And lucky for me things worked out and the equipment was delivered on time.
For this particular event, I ordered flowers from India which were stopped by the Food Safety Authority due to the lack of some certificates. So making long story short, my flowers were finally delivered to the venue just two hours before the function started. It was a nerve -racking experience but so much fun when I think about it now!
Last but not the least, anything you would like to say or suggest to newcomers or someone who is passionate about this field? Also to your future clients?
Starting something requires a lot of courage but also an ambition to do something that will be remembered by everyone. I feel I have started a trend of for example fresh flower wall and mirror floor as seen in my last event and I am very excited to show my future clients all the ideas I have in my mind. Being creative is one thing, but this field requires lots of patience and then of course be humble because that is a matter of utmost importance!
To my future clients, I would like to say that be prepared before booking a session with me, write down all your ideas and have in mind all the questions you want to ask. My aim is to give my clients the best of experience but it requires good communication with the clients. I am here to give you your dream wedding!
It’s difficult to describe in words, but watching someone who just finished decorating a venue and stands back to admire her own work, is an amazing feeling! A proud moment for her of course!
So that’s a wrap!
Seeing Bullevents in action, checking that everything was perfect made me think that this is quite a tough job which requires lot of respect and appreciation! I saw how important it was for her to check every tiny detail! A huge amount of respect!
I just want to sum this whole experience in one sentence…..When starting something, no matter what it is , start with all your heart, and the success will eventually come!
And on this note, have a good night and a very happy new week! Smile & make others smile 🙂


I am a Mom & I don’t have time!

How many times have I heard myself saying this?

How many times have I heard other mothers saying this? Millions!

Because everyone else and everything else comes before me! WHY?

Why don’t we ever hear men saying this?

It happened to me and I took a charge!

I was quick enough to not hold myself back and started making time for myself…I started literally by making 15 minutes for myself every single day. I did not care what I did with those 15 minutes, I did not do facial, or combed my hair, or made a phone call. I just sat there and did almost nothing. I chose a small chunk of time without marking it on calender or putting an alarm on my phone. I just sat there and relaxed! And today I find time for myself, no matter where I am, or how busy my life is. My children are getting exact same amount of attention or even more ( I just confirmed with my son!) I have involved my children in my passion, the way I have always been involved in every tiny thing they do.

I do everything I am supposed to do and I don’t complain about my million tasks every day because that’s how it is and that’s how it will remain so why not just take one day a time?




Taking care of yourself is not complicated. It can be as simple as a 5 minute break! So take a break and do something you love doing!

Good night:-)