Tiny Minds…

A few days ago while I was driving to my mom’s with my 7 years old in the back seat, listening to the radio and there it came Nico & Vinz’s song ” That’s how you know you are fucked up…”

Sometimes you are listening to music and not paying attention to the words in a song…well at least I don’t! I have listened this song like hundres of times before, but when my daughter was singing it loudly , I just had to stop for a bit and as I was about to change the radio station, I realized that she was singing something else…every time the word ” fucked up” came she said ” fakta” (which means “fact” in Norwegian. For a second I did not know if I shall change the radio station or I shall let it play…For a tiny second I wanted to explain to her what ” fucked up” meant and that it is not a pretty word, but then I did not say anything because I decided that no harm is done as she is listening it like some other word….

Ever since that day, I have been thinking about it…. so I thought I’ll share this here and may be hear what you have to say? How do you respond when your child asks something or says something which you feel is not appropriate rite now? Because we all want our children to learn pretty words, rite?

I personally believe that we are living in a time, where there are no boundries left. I really want to protect my children from so many things but that is not possible. Even on daily basis I know they hear things that they should not. I feel sad but a long time ago I decided that I will not have this sad feeling overtake me. Like every mother out there, I wish this world was easier and safer but it’s not. When I send my children to school, I know they will hear things and experience things which will make them sad or confused. If they are very lucky, may be they will experience minor things, but who knows how lucky they are…?

I have never been an over protective mother and although I always tell my children how magical and beautiful this life is, I also tell them how this world works. For example the other day, when my daughter told me about an incident in class, I told her that it’s the way it is. She had hard time accepting that people can be mean. I told her that, in life you will meet many people ….and many will be nice to you, but then you will also meet people who will be mean and sometimes you will get hurt, but remember you will move on and you will feel better as long as you are strong. To which she replied ” Yes I am strong”. And I know she is!

Children are so fragile & we want to protect them from so many things going on around us. Like every other mom out there, I too want to protect mine. I have chosen to tell mine that life is very beautiful but I have also chosen to tell them that not everything in it is like a fairytale. I just hope and pray that they grow up to be mentally strong and happy ❤

Have a lovely evening everyone 😊


To Live Or To Exist….

There is a fine line between living and existing…have you ever wondered what you are doing? I sometimes, just like you guys think about people who leave us, leave us in a way that they start a new chapter in their lives, or leave us in a way that they leave this world…they die….

When something bad happens in our lives, it leaves a print, some of us want to hide ourselves from the world and others try their hardest to face the reality. Today I will share something which is super important to me and which I hope can help someone out there…

Like everyone else I have faced my struggles, I have had my share of bad days and bad memories, things and relations that did not work out but as far as I can remember I never ever let anyone decide whether I will live, or just exist! I always have chosen to live….and to live to the fullest!

Because…I know how precious this life is…I do not control things which happen around me, but I do control how I react to things and how I choose to live. There is no guarantee of my tomorrow, just like there is no guarantee of your tomorrow but WE have a choice, we always do!!! Do you want to sit there one day and see your life in a flashback and regret about the things you did not do? Do you want to sit there one day and ask yourself, “Did I care much? Did I love much? Did I give up too early?”

Don’t just exist….LIVE..be alive! live every moment! Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. You have nothing to loose if you just show someone that you care! If you want to achieve something in life…go and get it! And if you miss your target, your goal…try again! Failure is when you don’t try! Trying and failing is the best thing you can ever do….

I tell my kids almost every day that this life is magical…because it is!!

I am alive, I can breathe, I can feel and I can LIVE…


Oscar Wilde once said and I quote:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”

It’s totally up to you if you want to live or merely exist in this world?

The choice is yours….

And on that note, Good night! Sleep tight:-)