A Little Hope, A New Year…

Like everyone else, I also have days when I feel sad, dishearted, not appreciated, lost and not loved.

Life has never been perfect and unfortunately I have had a bit rough time since this Summer. But when I am surrounded by lovely people, I genuniely feel happy and manage to put all the shit behind me. This is something I have learned with hard training and is something I feel I am good at. After my kids, my biggest achievement is being positive, being forgiving & loving people for what they are.

So I was saying that life can be a struggle sometimes & I am not sure sharing parts of my private life will make myself or anyone else feel better in a way. But going through my blog page today and reading what I have written since February 2017 made me feel good about myself and it made me think that life really is beautiful! Imagine my own thoughts gave me hope!

If a few thoughts written by me made me feel good, I really do hope they have helped lift a few of you because if it has, I think I can keep on sharing my thoughts…not to make my life or anyone elses life perfect but to lift someone the way I would have liked someone to lift me and lighten me and my thoughts.

What is your new years resolution? Mine is to be a better mom & count my blessings everyday.

Last but not the least, I want to thank you guys who have followed my blog this year. I hope you keep on doing so. Sending each of you a huge thank you and a big hug! And wishing you the best year ahead full of only good memories!

Remember …Whenever you feel sad, count your blessings and most importantly put on your lipstick! And on this note, I wish you a Happy New Year 2018🌠


A French dream: Albert Bistro

I love exploring new places & this place has been on my wishlist for quite sometime now.

Beautiful Akerbrygge in Oslo has so many restaurants & Albert Bistro is one of the cosiest! Now that I have been there, I thought I would do a quick review & by the way I love when you guys show interest on insta stories so this is dedicated to those who wanted to know more….

I was there yesterday with a good friend & had a lovely time. The staff was fabolous & friendly. There are some other places in the neighbourhood with not as friendly staff so 10 out of 10 for great service.

Loved the interior!I knew they had a ” bloggers-corner” so I reserved it & of course you don’t have to be a blogger to sit there but I loved the concept. It was almost like sitting in a slightly separate place with a window view. 10 out of 10 for the privacy so you can be as crazy as you want to be, laugh and talk loud without concerning other people. By the way, this is just a figure of speech;-)

On my way to the washroom, I had to take a quick stop to admire beautiful decor & the lamps of course. Sadly, it was slightly dark which you can see by the quality of the pictures. But this made the atmosphere cozy. I will give 8 out of 10 to the lighting.

And last but not the least, we had this delicious fish soup which I highly recommend with fresh bread & butter, followed by coffee.

Finally the price reflects the good food & service. It’s not cheap but it is not very expensive either. You are getting what you are paying for!

And a little tip: always try new places at lunch time. Even places which are a bit expensive have lovely lunch menus & does not cost you much.

Hope you liked the review! Please give feedback if you want more of these reviews in the future ☺

Chatting Or Overchatting?

This year it was my turn to organize Christmas event for my son’s class & I love organizing events of course but that is not what I am going to talk about here…

The thing is , it’s not only me who is organizing but another kid’s mom too who is such a sweet person but I am not going to talk about her either….

I am kind of a person who loves to talk…& my friends know that I sometimes can talk a bit more than required…not that there is anything wrong with it but I seriously sometimes forget how much small-talk with someone is chatting or overchatting?

Not sure if semi-strangers note it but like yesterday while I was talking to this other mom who by the way is pregnant with due date now in December. I met her to give her something and instead of just keeping our meeting quick, I told her this ” let me know when baby arrives & if there is anything at all I can do for you, just give me a call!!”

Seriously?? Like what will she think about me? I have talked to her may be like 5 times & suddenly I am talking about providing her all help with her newborn!!! Please tell me that it’s not abnormal ! Does anyone else feels the same?

Just had to share this because I can’t forget the expression she gave me when I offered her all the worlds help 😂 Hope a few of you do the same & regret doing it but the good thing is that tomorrow I will do something similar & forget all about it!

Have a lovely Thursday evening ❤