This year it was my turn to organize Christmas event for my son’s class & I love organizing events of course but that is not what I am going to talk about here…

The thing is , it’s not only me who is organizing but another kid’s mom too who is such a sweet person but I am not going to talk about her either….

I am kind of a person who loves to talk…& my friends know that I sometimes can talk a bit more than required…not that there is anything wrong with it but I seriously sometimes forget how much small-talk with someone is chatting or overchatting?

Not sure if semi-strangers note it but like yesterday while I was talking to this other mom who by the way is pregnant with due date now in December. I met her to give her something and instead of just keeping our meeting quick, I told her this ” let me know when baby arrives & if there is anything at all I can do for you, just give me a call!!”

Seriously?? Like what will she think about me? I have talked to her may be like 5 times & suddenly I am talking about providing her all help with her newborn!!! Please tell me that it’s not abnormal ! Does anyone else feels the same?

Just had to share this because I can’t forget the expression she gave me when I offered her all the worlds help πŸ˜‚ Hope a few of you do the same & regret doing it but the good thing is that tomorrow I will do something similar & forget all about it!

Have a lovely Thursday evening ❀



4 thoughts on “Chatting Or Overchatting?

  1. Definitely not abnormal, it’s just human nature. Some of us are more forth coming about helping others while others might be a little shy but i believe in generosity of people. Nice to know I am not the only that will randomly help out strangers πŸ˜€

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