Like everyone else, I also have days when I feel sad, dishearted, not appreciated, lost and not loved.

Life has never been perfect and unfortunately I have had a bit rough time since this Summer. But when I am surrounded by lovely people, I genuniely feel happy and manage to put all the shit behind me. This is something I have learned with hard training and is something I feel I am good at. After my kids, my biggest achievement is being positive, being forgiving & loving people for what they are.

So I was saying that life can be a struggle sometimes & I am not sure sharing parts of my private life will make myself or anyone else feel better in a way. But going through my blog page today and reading what I have written since February 2017 made me feel good about myself and it made me think that life really is beautiful! Imagine my own thoughts gave me hope!

If a few thoughts written by me made me feel good, I really do hope they have helped lift a few of you because if it has, I think I can keep on sharing my thoughts…not to make my life or anyone elses life perfect but to lift someone the way I would have liked someone to lift me and lighten me and my thoughts.

What is your new years resolution? Mine is to be a better mom & count my blessings everyday.

Last but not the least, I want to thank you guys who have followed my blog this year. I hope you keep on doing so. Sending each of you a huge thank you and a big hug! And wishing you the best year ahead full of only good memories!

Remember …Whenever you feel sad, count your blessings and most importantly put on your lipstick! And on this note, I wish you a Happy New Year 2018🌠


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