Tiny feet & my horoscope slays!

Todays horoscope for Gemini was all about writing and wrting something pleasant! Well here I am sitting late in the night and writing a pleasant thing. I am taking my inspiration from this picture of me and tiny feet, in the background which have made me smile since yesterday…..




As a mother ,you live, breathe, and sacrifice for the well-being of your children. Seeing them happy makes you happy, and seeing them sad, makes you sad! It’s so much fun to see them enjoy things you enjoy and most of all see them appreciate things you do…because you do the same with them and for them. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me it’s such a delight to see that my kids enjoy with me and that’s a happy thing!

They say that the relation between a mother and a child can never be compared with any other relation, and I believe this, but I also believe that this relation also need proper care and nourishment to be sucessful. You have to have a light side and show your children that you can also have fun and you are not just a person who makes rules.

Sometimes, you are in your own world, not realizing that your kids are having time of their life just watching you pose! I think it’s a good thing. Instead of getting bored, they are all in and having so much fun on their own way. I asked them yesterday if it was fun for them to stand behind me and they started laughing. ( PS. I also found out that there were two more feet there which are not visible in the picture…My son told me that he was standing right behind my daughter). I loved this picture so much that I shared it on my instagram and recieved so much love for it. So thank you all for liking all the normal things ūüôā

This post was supposed to be pleasant so to make it more pleasant I want to share a few clicks of this dress which everyone loved so much. I did not honestly know that so many would love it so much…. so thanks a lot ūüôā I love it too, it’s super cute!

So here you go….










I never do a dress post and I am not sure if I would do one , but it’s fun sharing a few clicks just when you are talking about something else! Do give me feedback!

Last but not the least , a note to self and to my lovely readers: Surround yourself with good thoughts, enjoy every moment and appreciate everything!

And on this note, Good night lovely people:-)



Spring it on!

Current Weather:  Snowing but not so cold!

Current Mood:  Spring Рing

Dedicated to:¬† March¬†– ¬†The beginning of a promise that better days are coming…..

Hello March! Your arrival gives me hope!

March brings so much hope, it¬†makes me¬†happy, joyful &¬†optimistic. Dont get me wrong…¬†I like all seasons, because they bring something special with them, but right now spring is my favourite. I just have had enough of winter. Trust me I love snow…but as long as it is white. Lately it has been so much rain and snow, dark short days that I literally have been feeling a “little” depressed! And the funny thing is that I see same signs on other people’s faces…¬†which makes me even more sad!

Spring….is hope! Feeling the sun on your face, being able to get out more and feeling more positive! I mean what’s not to love about spring?

I feel that new year actually begins with spring, with March, not with January…and it makes proper sense…as the cycle of life, growth, plants.. everything starts in spring, so it really is the¬†beginning of a new year! You dont actually know when it will start but many say it starts on 1st March. Well spring is not an exact science…it starts when its starts, leaving all of us ( or most of us) happy and optimistic!

I have been missing sunlight lately and hoping for longer days…well guess what despite the fact that it¬†still is snowing here,¬†rite this moment….I dont really care because I have seen signs of hope..signs of spring and that is enough for me to be optimistic for better days….

For me… spring is a¬†promise of good things to come……

I did a fun shoot at Damstredet, Oslo¬†a few days back and would like to share a few pics with you guys…Love combination of spring and autumn colours…Hope you enjoy!




Damstredet is a very charming place, quite central in Oslo with well preserved and inhabited wooden houses from the late 1700s and 1800s. It’s worth a visit!

Not fond of this picture…its not an easy task to take faceless pictures…just that you know, but I wanted to share this beautiful picture of wooden door!

Fun shoot!

My friends, loyal readers and subscribers¬†of my blog ( they know who they are and I am so thankful for their honest opinion)…anyways what I am trying to say is that my friends have been telling me to put “fashion photos” to make it a more fun blog!

I was visiting a cousin of mine yesterday and we decided to have a fun shoot which turned out very well! Here is a little glimpse. Hope you like it!

But first of all I want to thank my sister for photos and my cousin for instructions ( she is a major manager type material, a very photogenic person who love the camera and the camera loves her back and also one of the few who encouraged me to start blogging so Thanks B! ) My sister is a born photographer! …Enough about these two…I think I ll dedicate a post to them one day!

So basically I am¬†neither a photographer material, nor a modell material! That is¬†me in a nutshell! But to be very honest I can take “OK” pictures…of at least food….

Enjoy yesterdays shoot…putting a few pictures!¬†Hope you like them…and please note the tea cup! And if you have already¬†read my first post then you should¬†know why tea and “cup of tea” is so important to me…






What my skin needs…

Today while I was waiting for the train in freezing cold, even though I had warm clothes, jacket, scarf and gloves, I was freezing to death and shit happens every time you dont need it to happen..yes you got it right! my train was late, and those 15 minutes felt like almost 5 hours!

I couldnt think straight obviously but the moment I entered the train and found an empty seat..I felt my face was aching…seriously! It was red ( or pinkish ) and forehead and cheeks seemed so dry..well I was not surprised actually because do you know when I last pampered my skin??? Yeah like two months ago!

So here I was sitting in the train, planning to put a mixture of honey and banana, or a mixture of avocado and egg whites on my face to give it softness and glow!

But..seriously what I really needed was a ready made solution which can instantly make my skin soft and glowy. And I was lucky enough to have my favourite products ( which by the way I always have..but lack of ME TIME doesnt allow me to look at them).

Well rite now while sitting here after taking a good warm bath and after applying this amazingly brilliant cleansing polish on my face from The Body Shop, I feel fresh and so ready to hit the bed, but first let me share these beautiful products with you!

I am talking about ” Vitamin C” Daily Glow Cleansing Polish! My skin is feeling healthier and energized! And the funny thing is even on the tube it says ” DULL, TIRED, GRUMPY SKIN” Laughing out loud….because honestly I didnt notice this ever before, just wanted to give accurate information….so in short,¬†if you have a dull, tired and grumpy skin…use this instant formula and wash it all away….

Secondly…I¬†want to tell you¬†about my very favourite thing, which is this Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask! It does wonders, you feel that, you smell it and you really feel that it has cleansed and given you the glow you have always wanted! Its good for all skin types, even if you have acne and sensitiv skin! Caution: The smell of this product might give you watery eyes and may be a little sting in eyes, but its worth using! And for those who are concerned about parabens…NO PARABENS at all! Its a beautiful formula made with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil.

Love these two products and totally recommend! And on this note, Good night world!