Weekend smiles & chasing Fall …..

Hey lovlies!

It’s Friday but no more Summery Friday! It’s time for Fall….. My favourite time of the year and I am so ready to take out my Fall wear, cozy jumpers, scarfs and coats!

Long time no hear! Been so busy cleaning home, getting things out of boxes.. a lot has been done and rest will be done soon…well atleast I hope so!

Kids school have also started and so have the extra curricular activities and I am trying to be as much effective as possible and try to do as much as I can. So proud of myself this week and I have also been preparing dinner for next day and I even get the time to watch my current obsession ” Orphan Black”. I am totally hooked and I sometimes watch it while making lunch boxes for my kids, other times while cleaning the kitchen ( so satisfied with having an open kitchen and living room) but today I was amazingly done with everything at 9 pm! And have been relaxing on my couch and watching Orphan Black! I have even forced some of my friends to watch this series, some have already started and some will start soon…This series is by the way a fiction thriller about an orphan girl obviously… who finds out that there is not just one of her…well saying no more….Do check it out and I know you ll love it!



Chasing Fall….

So I was actually saying that it’s fall and I don’t understand why some people want to cling to last signs of summer and become so unhappy when thinking or talking about Fall…I personally believe that one should embrace every season and think positive. The more negative you are , the more unhappy you’ll become.


If there is one thing we all want…it’s happiness and I believe that being positive equals to being happy. Put your life into perspective, think good of others and be optimistic!


My suggestion for Fall: Make plans for this season, what do you want to do, how do you want to celebrate it ? I am anxiously waiting for the leaves to change colour and then fall on the ground. A bit colder means more cups of tea and coffee and that’s a win win for me! I love wearing cosy jumpers and cuddling up with a good book or watching Netflix ūüėČ We still have one fireplace left and I love when we light it…so I am totally ready to welcome my favourite season and I hope you are too!

Be excited because it’s the key to smiles and happiness:-) And on this note, have a wonderful weekend!





The art of relaxing…

When you are in the middle of a renovation project, not living in your own house and also having a fulltime job, what you really need is a bit of relaxation….but the question is…how to achieve that feeling???

Shall I go to SPA, go to movie, go shopping? All of these things costs money, but what is that one thing that does not cost you a dime? And still is the most relaxing, most giving and most fulfilling thing?

And that my friends is meeting your genuine F R I E N D S!

Last night was all about it, though before meeting them I was feeling guilty if I should do it? Wouldn’t it be better if I just go home and do some cleaning, or go to some shops and see things I need to decorate my living room and kitchen ( Yes I am also having some new furniture, just sold my big couch for a very cheap money…well nobody is taking things for as much as half of the original price !!! )

But what I did was made plans with some friends and went to see another friend who lives outside of Oslo and if I can sum it up in one word only….that would be FUN and if you need me to sum up in two words…I would say FUN¬†and RELAXATION!!!

Loved her house, loved her hospitality, loved the food, loved the car ride , loved when girls went all mad and all that chit chat, small favours like some of girls had a mini beauty session, some got head massage, I got this lovely back massage…I mean can it get any better??


I think life has phenomenally been generous with me. It’s not the material things that matter, it’s the¬†people in your life! And I can say this with my hand on my heart that I am feeling so relaxed and in fact happy. It’s like these girls gave me a tremendous amount of energy which I did not know I needed!

We should cherish good people in our lives because not everyone is so lucky to have amazing friends! And on this note, I wish all of you a very happy Thursday! Have a wonderful day:-)


How ¬†cute is this wall? It’s in fact wallpaper from another decade and was on the whole wall! My friend kept a part of it & framed it! I think it’s genius keeping a piece from the past!





We are renovating…big time!

Almost all of us have living fantasies about our dream home and we keep on making small changes all the time to achieve that satisfying feeling which makes us happy and proud to show our home to others.

This summer it’s all about renovating my home…Renovation is far easier than done. My current home is a place I fell for the moment I walked in it. Before that we had been to a few houses , newer and finer but nothing made me felt like this one did! Not just me but also my kids, who at that time were almost 6 and almost 4…they totally melted for this place, which we now call our home!¬† We were lucky enough to get it …it was almost 3 years ago!

But of course there were things which needed improvement , like our bathroom. So basically I have been trying to convince my husband to start bathroom project and we have had many discussions. My plan was to do that one year and take the kitchen along with the upper portion next year. But my husband decided all of a sudden that if we are doing this, then we are doing everything this summer!!!!

Imagine yourself sitting in office and you get a call that we are doing renovation in a few weeks…I started my summer holidays by deciding my bathroom and kitchen, quite sure about my kitchen but bathroom is a mix choice so now I am so worried and anxious to see the final result which might take a few weeks.

And the main living room is another story, I just dont know how this one wall which my husband has been talking about a few years will turn out. Having so many thoughts but decided to zip it as after all it’s not just my place and I can try to work it out with my interior skills…hopefully.

And then suddenly I got a call today that what do I want behind the sofa wall….I don’t know seriously so I just want to paint it white and may be hang pictures in different sizes and a round mirror ( I loved this round mirror my grandfather buyed for several years ago, I think it was even before my birth…. which my parents gave to me when I went to University in another city and then I took it back with me….so …. it has been with me for so many years! And sadly a few months before I broke a piece of it while cleaning) Ahhh but I still have it and the broken part is hidden behind a larger mirror on floor) That was the story of this round mirror…which by the way I can not use so I might look for a new one…..

Making long story short….what I am trying to say it is that I have no clue how I am going to make everything work out! Just concentrating on renovation now.

So that’s how my life is nowadays…And before I forget I just want to add how much work my husband has put into renovation, working his ass off. And yes he does not read my blog at all and in fact is not interested in anything like this but in all this process I feel like I should appreciate what he has done because for those who know him, he is not at all a handy man!

Here a little glimpse from our home…a little sad about my fireplace which was one of the reasons we bought this house….


This used to be my bathroom…just a skeleton now….



We had to pack everything, take down everything from walls as we are also upgrading our roof, walls and also floors


This fireplace was everything to me….but now we have decided to get rid of this as it took too much space. Luckily we have one downstairs too!


And on this note….wish me luck and lots of patience. Just one week left of my holidays and I don’t know how things will go….Good night you all !




Ok I am a Gemini and I am born on 21st June!¬† and for until about the age of 12, I thought my birthday was on the 22nd of June , making me a cancerian! And well I dont know how it all kept on happening, but my mother accepted it somehow and I kept on celebrating my B’day every year on the 22nd! Well actually for just a couple of years, when I was old enough to decide if to celebrate and who to invite….

So one day I saw my passport and found out that I was actually born a day before….so Hello 21st of June, Here I am!

I can actually go on and on for hours but who wants to read me all day! So since it’s my birthday, I figured I would compile a list of things that I’ve learned so far which might help my fellow readers or younger generation…and if nothing else happens and no one appreciates these things rite now, may be and just may be my kids, who by the way are 9 and soon turning 7 will read this one day and get an idea that life and people are not so bad after all….or may be they can can go through this blog like a scrapbook thing and think that ” WOW our mom could write!!! ”


Ok here is my list:


People always criticise…it’s like they are living for criticising you. I have either listened other people criticizing others or have seen in their eyes…The worst one is when they just give you this look and it gives you chills in your whole body. I am telling you no matter where in life you are, these people will find you! The best solution is…. say nothing, do nothing and ignore…You are not getting rid of them…but you have the ability to avoid them and ignore them! So do that!


Always start with a small idea, become really good at it and then think bigger!! The best way to get success and a feeling of mastering something is thinking small and growing outward! Be really good at one thing at a time…don’t try to be everywhere…Remember there is just one of you!


Life my friend is really short…seems quite long but it’s not! So be nice to everyone you meet. What’s the point in being a bitch? Honestly, I believe that true happiness lies in being nice with everyone, no matter what…I try to do so every day and I know you do it too…Start with a smaller thing , like say hi to your busdriver every day…It’s my routine that no mater what… I have to say HI to my busdriver!


We ….the people of this earth are so talented in judging others….without even knowing them! I mean it is really a thing ? That’s just being nasty! You never know what struggles a person have had. People’s life may look flawless and glamorous, but everyone has a story. I have one! But this does not give me rite of judging people , I should look at myself and rather try to make myself better!


With growing age, you get wiser and more tolerant and start looking at life with another perspective! I have realized now that no matter what I do and how I try to change myself for someone…the outcome will always be a failure! It’s so true¬† ( my experience). You can never change a person and you can just forget to change their thinking…it only happens in movies-, In real life…it could lead to a lot of drama! You can not control anyone, just take a deep breath and move on…


Stick to a healthy lifestyle! Eat well, sleep well, go for a walk, drink lots of water and most of all smile and try to relax! Your body should be treated like a temple!


If you want to do something in your life, get up and do it! No one else is going to do it for you! Life is what you make of it! Remember you have to make an effort to achieve something. Things won’t fall from the sky for you to have them! You have to work for them, and the very first step is remembering that you have to do it yourself! Not anyone else…but ONLY YOU!


Worry won’t make you happy! Don’ t stress. Life happens and worrying is pointless. Focus on good things in your life, your family, your friends….worry does not need your attention! I wish some one had told me this in my teens but now I am telling you…!


I love when people look at me and smile…and I smile back of course! I also try to smile first, just to win the “smiling- competition” LOL.

Be thoughtful, be nice! No one is perfect and all of us are facing something in our lives which we are so afraid to tell others……you have to take care of yourself…and you have to remember that you get this life just once…It’s a blessing and a blessing should not be wasted on pointless things! Take one day at a time and smile and be thank ful for all the good things you have been blessed with!

And on this note….wish me a happy birthday!

I love you all!!!






Tips that will make your week easier….

This my friends…is a secret….wrapped as a gift….which I am going to reveal rite here and rite now…………..

Sorry just wanted to start with a bang…


this by the way is my gift to myself…loved the wrapping and had to capture it!


I know it’s Tuesday and¬† still a few days till Sunday but I just wanted to share a few tips that made my week so far a bit easier, if I may say so….

Lately I have been feeling that I lack so much time and energy and¬†so many things happening in weekend that I felt I had no control on my schedule, my life….so last Sunday I was home alone¬†¬†and it made me see things from a pretty nice perspective. In fact I was watching¬†” HOMELAND” on Netflix and while doing¬†so I organised my whole week! Can you believe this… (¬†Don’t you think Season¬†1 was best…I am on Season 3 and quite frankly it’s not the same as Season 1…..okay but that’s not what I am supposed to write about now)


Anyways so I was saying that as much as I want to be the type of person who coasts into Monday morning clearheaded , meal prepped and organized, with an early bird workout under my belt….the fact is I am not! Life is not prefect and I am not prefect…I want to¬†believe that I am but then I will be lying to myself. ( PS. there was a time when¬†everything was under control)

What comes in your mind when the alarm wakes you on Monday mornings?


For all those who are anything like me…keep on reading because this is not just my story…it’s very much yours too!

Monday morning alarm…

Me situation:¬†¬†Groggy from my¬†” just one more episode‚ÄĚ late night Netflix… bad habit.


I am annoyed, stressed, want to sleep more but no more…¬†That‚Äôs why I sourced a few best things to do on Sunday to make my weekend easier‚ĶAnd by the way I did that while watching Netflix! ( Irony of my life)



Do you have one? Because I do! In fact I have three! And how many times do I check it? Ehhh once in a month may be!

I used to check every day …but not anymore… I have one at my work, one hanging on my fridge and one almost all the time in my purse! Tip number 1:  On Sunday look at you calender with INTENTION and I tell you, it will help big time  !!!


Do a little meal prep..or atleast make a list and see if you have everything in pantry, fridge or freezer for that matter..

It’s a hassle to plan every day sitting on train on my way to home..what shall we eat today??  I did this on Sunday and honestly I am so happy!


Tidy up! I thoroughly cleaned my house but you only need to get rid og all clutter in 15 minutes!


Honestly Mondays are worse, so just make a clear plan for Monday. If you get through Monday…your whole week will be saved! Write down everything!


Also make time for doing something good, like a date night!. Create some space for things you love doing…and I don’t mean Netflix!

Do a facial mask, watch a good movie, or just relax! Sundays are for relaxation!

AND FOR GODSSAKE GO TO BED EARLY on Sunday, don’t sit there scrolling up your Instagram forever‚Ķthis¬† will allow you to wake up fully rested on Monday‚Ķ.I am telling you, its a huge thing!

I didn’t do anything which I didn’t know of! I just did what we all should try doing. Do this and let Mondays go smooth…rest of the week will be a piece of cake!

And on this note, Good night!


Lilacs have such a short season…but they are the most beautiful!








Story of friendship that lasts….

Okaaaaay so here it goes…..

I m literally standing here waiting for my train.¬† Sun is shining and it’s quite warm today, but just the way I like it, not too much that it burns my skin and for the record I feel dizzy if I am out in the sun for a few hours…but that’s just me…let’s all be thankful that it’s sunny!!!

Seems like my wish came true! ( Happy face)

Why I am choosing to write about friendship today? That is exactly the story in my mind and I will paper it for you!

While I was walking from my¬†office to take this train…I kept on thinking about a¬†telephone conversation I had today, in fact just a few hours before….and it made me think…¬†that how lucky I am!
My friend T called me…..Oh and I did not realize how much I missed her before I heard her voice! So T ..if you are reading this…it’s for you!
Anyways T is one of¬†my dearest friends who¬†I got to know when¬†I started¬†in¬†University in another city. ¬† I did not know anyone there and I met T in the buss on our way to the University. And my luck T and I¬†were taking same classes.¬†So that’s the short “get to know each other ” story, but after that day , we made some serious memories.¬†We became almost like sisters.
T lives in another city and last time I met her was for almost two years ago…..on her baby-shower! Can you imagine!!!
Friendships are¬†important to every human, and sometimes you get detached and aloof from people who mean so much to you ..but they are still there and every time you speak to each other, it’s like all that time, all the distance does not matter at all…you are friends and you will remain friends, no matter what! I feel so fortunate to always reconnect in an effortless way with my dearest friends!
The list of my closest friends is not very long, I am kind of a¬†person who normally like everyone. I like people for who they are and what they stand for. My rule is to accept and respect people for¬†who they are! But I am very picky when it comes to giving a place in my heart. I can count on my fingers how many dearest friends I have and those are very near and very dear to me and I know in my heart that I have to make time for them. It’s the least I can do!
I love to¬†surround myself with incredible people and being there for each other unconditionally‚ÄĒthat‚Äôs what makes me truly happy….and that’s what these few people¬†do to me…they genuinely make me the happiest!
They‚Äôre always there for me, telling me when I‚Äôm wrong and putting me back on track. They have no filter with me and we are always real with each other. My conversation with T reminded me of how damn lucky I am to have such beautiful and honest people in my life. They love me and they show me their love …which is so important!
I believe true friendship demands an honest gesture of love…and that’s it!
What do you think?
Well me and T made plans of meeting very soon & I am so excited!
And on that note, I will see you again!

When in Vilnius…

Travelling to a place you have never been to can be everything from scary to beautiful!

How many of you dream to travel to new places every year or whenever the opportunity comes??? Not just to add a number to your “DO-LIST – BEFORE I DIE” but to really enjoy and to appreciate the world and it’s countries! I believe that travelling to new places is one of the most beautiful experience you can ever come across….

I came back from Vilnius, Lithuania’s charming capital a few days back and it impressed me with it’s history and beautiful buildings, great restaurants and shopping, and all this for a cheap money! Or..well every thing else except shopping because the prices were just the same as in Norway.



Vilnius is home to one of Europe’s largest old towns, which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Did you know that Vilnius have world’s most popular churches? They can be found on almost every corner, and you can visit more than 40 on your city trip.


Only in this street it was like 3 or 4 churches



In addition, the city is known to have many beautiful museums, cozy streets and towers offering stunning views of the city. There are so many things you can enjoy! 


View from Bell Tower




My new Samsung has a pretty nice camera!!! Don’t you think?


We were 4 girls who travelled with Norwegian airlines. You can always get good price tickets to Vilnius. It takes about 1 hour and 5o minutes from Oslo to Vilnius. From Vilnius airport you can either take taxi as we did and paid roughly 15 euros. It took us about 8 minutes. It’s quicker with train and costs under 1 euro and takes about 5 minutes. I know this because we took train on our back. We lived in old town just beside the train station so it was really convenient for us to take train back to Vilnius airport, which¬†by the way is a very¬†small airport.

We loved our¬†stay¬†in Vilnius¬†and did the most out of a 2,5 days trip! We even managed to see a movie in Cinema ( we always do it on our girls trips) Loved the food and totally amazed by the beautiful city! We spent one afternoon sipping afternoon tea in the beautiful and majestic Kempinski Cathedral Hotel, just in the heart of the city. Those nibbles were mouth-watering and designed as if they were a piece of art and not enough with that , they tasted like heaven! See for yourself…





Feel like doing a separate post for this afternoon tea session!


SPA at Kempinski was lovely too!

All in all it was a fun trip..except that a few people , specially in old town¬†were a bit rude, or may be they were not rude and that was just¬†their way of replying to a stranger but the first 1 hour or so in old town…. we literally¬†felt like we were not welcomed in their country…..AND that feeling¬†was bad! ¬†We kept on thinking if it was because of our skin colour, but luckily rest of the trip went smooth….So we would like to think that it was our bad luck that we bumped into real rude people!

Before I forget… I must mention, the staff at Kempinski Hotel was extra ordinarily nice! If you ever travel to Vilnius, I would highly recommend this pretty place!

I know people like to see pictures so here I am sharing a few clicks from the trip…. hope you will enjoy!









In love with my jacket which was a bargain!




So wanted to take a picture in this pose! Loved it when the result came out so well after just one shot!






This was so yum!






Old towns always inspires me!





Bought a Russian doll for my lil girl!




After two days we knew all the streets by heart…in old town. City was more complex though


In this short span of time….we managed to do almost everything that we had decided to do! Remember you do not need to stay at a new place / city¬†for a week or more to see every thing it is offering. Just do good research and make notes. It’s always a good idea to save¬†the places you are interested in¬†visiting¬†in your google map. That way you won’t feel very lost…but feeling a little lost the very first day is just ok!!!

I believe that you need to escape from your hectic life to gain a little energy, some big time excitement, which can provide you with that little extra adventure which eventually will help your mind!

Our lives are hectic and most of people I know have small kids, but it’s ok to go on an escape for 1 day or 2 days or 3 days for that matter,¬†without feeling guilty. You are doing yourself a favour and you are doing your kids a favour. They get the time to miss you and you can give full attention to yourself.

So girls what I am trying to say is, call your girl friend og friends…¬†book a spa date,¬†followed by an afternoon tea. Watch a movie in the evening with your girlfriend/s. You don’t need to travel to another country to do so. Book a room in a hotel where you live! And I can guarantee you, you will feel more energetic and full of life the next day!

For me, these trips are not just an escape ( escape is not a negative word-! by the way )After every trip and after doing all the above things, I get an energising boost to start things with a fresh mind and soul!




And on that note…Good night and happy reading!


Legoland Denmark…

Hey guys!

Join me on our adventure to Legoland Denmark!

I decided to write a short post about this trip before we went there. The reason is because I did not find any useful information from a common person on google. I googled and googled and did find a few forums from 2007 and 2009 but as you know in forums, people ask questions and get a concrete reply. I wanted something more…Like everything from how much things costs there, what to expect, where to live to enjoy the most, where to eat, what to do and what to avoid. In other words, basic information.

So now I am here, sharing my experience, feel free to ask questions if anything pops up in your mind which I may forget to write about. So here we go…..


We had been planning to take our kids to Legoland theme park in Billund, Denmark for about two years now. Each summer we touched this topic, but instead we chose to travel somewhere else mainly because we felt it was way too costly for just 2 days when we could get something better in same price class and of course more days.


This year, just a week before the Easter Holidays, me and my good neighbour ( who also have two kids) went for a walk and talked randomly about Easter and our plans. What started out as a casual talk, turned into a plan!
Well making long story short, I came home, talked to my husband and we decided that it would be really fun for the kids to visit theme park with the kids at their age. And we felt that now was the rite time, my kids are by the way 8 and 6 and I feel this was the perfect time to take them to Legoland. The perfect age when they can walk for hours, but still can enjoy everything.
Well coming back to the plan! So after we decided that we were doing this, the next step was to make the bookings!
To make sure we did everything exactly same, me and my neighbour sat late in the night to find hotel and they had already decided to take Stena Lina ( Ship ) to Denmark so we just went with the plan. I have once travelled with Color Line Fantacy and it was a fun Ship! So I basically thought that Stena Line would be in the same category ( keep on reading to find out more)
I must mention that I really love Denmark. It’s like I am living in the wrong side of Scandinavia, I should actually be living in Denmark…( But we are not going to talk about my love for Denmark in this post..atleast for now) So I did not want to live in one of those Legoland hotels ( they are almost the same price as any other hotel nearby in Easter Holidays) So we chose Vejle as our staying place. It is the most cutest little city..And oh just writing about it makes me miss it!
Anyways we booked our Ship tickets and hotel and decided not to tell our children…but we did ..like after 3 days ( and from that day on all 4 of them, 2 ours and 2 neighbours were like youtubing and watching videos about Legoland and Lalandia). PS. I will write a short post about Lalandia ( indoor waterpark ) too. Kids were super excited and so were we….
Gifts for the kids from Stena Line
Moving on to my experience in this trip….
Travelling with Stena Line:
Luckily we had our dinner before we took the Ship because there is not much to choose inside the ship. Just ok restaurants and a cafe’ type thing which had old sandwiches and cakes. Not good sitting place. Tax free was ok but really need a make over. Children’s program was good, but I was so tired that I just wanted it to end really quick. Our cabin was ok as they are in Ships. Clean but old. On our way back, we ate lunch in one of those better restaurants. Children took fish and chips. Chips were good, fish, not so good. Service was like 4 out of 10. I ordered Salmon…was not good at all.
My verdict, just ok ship…not my favourite!
PS. Remember to take your passports when travelling from Norway.
From Fredrikshavn to Billund:
We travelled by car and followed E45 ( motorway) all the way. It took us about 2,5 hours , with a short breakfast break. Lovely scenary all the way. Verdict: Loved travelling by car and enjoyed along the way! Kids became a little restless, but other than that it was a nice car trip.
So finally we were in Legoland…YAAAY!
Legoland theme park is built entirely with Lego bricks . Legoland is located very close to Billund airport and the distance is walkable in a few minutes, making the park ideal for those who do not have much time. ( And for those who are not so fond of car trip—like me in any other case)
The line at the customs was not so crazy the first day but on our second day it was like……CRAAAAZY. Luckily we had already purchased our day 2 tickets so we did not have to wait that long. And it made me think that lines must be really long in peak season! More about costs later in the post…For now enjoy a few clicks!
Took this with my kids…loved it!



Been here……in Thailand!


We took ride in Ninjago world…which was awsome with playgame..and obviously I came on last place!



In summer, Legoland turns into a very pretty park with flowers and everything which reminds you of summer.
There is that ghost house …was not scary but the ride inside was quite cool..Well my daughter said it was “funny scary” ..hmmm whatever that means…
All 8 of us took this…was fun. See how this ride looked in the picture under…



A ride in the castle…


So wanted to take this, but kids wanted to take alone…
My daughter and husband sat in frontseat here and behind them me and my son…a long train kind of thing. Screams, laughs, fun and more fun. We even bought a picture magnet for our fridge. The picture was so funny…



First signs of spring..
¬†Here ends the photo diary of Legoland…
Some people might say that there isn‚Äôt really much for grown ups to do except maybe ride some roller coasters that they have. But if you are anything like me, it’s definitely for grown ups too. Or part of it. I had so much fun and so did the kids. But it poured and it was cold!!! I am glad we visited Legoland in this season. Cant imagine myself waiting in lines to take the rides. We waited approximately 15 to 20 minutes. For some popular kids rides, we even waited for over half an hour. It must be crazy in summer. So I would suggest that if you have plans to visit Legoland, do it in spring break, Easter Holidays or any other holidays, but not in summer vacations!
The food inside was just ok and expensive…glad we were living in cutest Vejle which had beautiful restaurants and good food so we had lovely dinners.
Summing up:
 2 days in Legoland will cost you:
Tickets days 1: About 1100 Norwegian krones for two adults, children get free pass as long as they are BR club members.
Food and beverages: About 1500 Norwegian krones. This includes lunch, coffee and ice cream for kids.
Parking ticket: About 70 Norwegian krones.
Tickets day 2: About 800 Norwegian for all 4
Food and beverages: About 700 Norwegian krones as children did not eat anything properly the day before, so we bought fries, ice cream, buns etc for them.
Parking ticket: About 70 Norwegian krones.
So when you plan to travel to Legoland, keep in mind that you will be using about 15 to 20 thousand Norwegian krones, which will include, transport, accomodation with breakfast, lunch, themepark tickets, dinner and when you are in Legoland, you will definitely pay a visit in Legoshop and that costs too:-)
Verdict:  I personally think that theme parks should have better food with better prices. There is no point in selling things so expensive in childrens park. But over all it was a good experience, and most of all our kids totally enjoyed!
Enjoy reading!
On on this note, Good night from me!

How To Have A Good Day…..



Oh Sunday!!! The day of harmony, peace & relaxation!

Life is a roller coaster for every one! And so is it for me sometimes…

I just had two cinnamon buns and a slice of pizza and was feeling quite full so I thought before I start eating anything else, I should just write something…


So I was saying, life is full of ups and downs…

And these things can be anything, from like feeling guilty after eating so many buns, having a sleepless night or as big as facing some real trouble in life!

Today I will tell you what makes my day a good day…

Once a family member of mine told me that in her early days, no matter how days were, the first thing she did after waking up was putting lipstick on and it made every thing fine….

And from that day onwards¬†I started doing the same…and it really really helps me this day!¬†The moment¬†I wake up I get out of my PJs , do my hair and put on lipstick. On working days I do put on foundation, blush and mascara and of course lipstick, but on Saturdays and Sundays I just put on lipstick , go¬†in the kitchen and make breakfast for the family…It really makes me feel good and I truly believe that looking good makes you feel good!

We all want to be happy. But we have our own notions or beliefs about what needs to happen in our lives before we can be happy and satisfied. There is so many things we think about every day and want our lives to be perfect in order to be happy!

But there isn’t any guarantee that a particular thing will make you truly happy, then why not just be happy for what you have because happiness comes from inside you, not from achieving a goal or being best in something. That is of course a¬†sort of happiness which no one is denying, but is it your true happiness???

So my advice is just go with the flow and make your¬†day easy and happy…

Put on lipstick & enjoy this moment!


The present moment is all you are ever promised. Don‚Äôt postpone happiness for a time that might never come….

And on this note, I wish you all a very happy Sunday XOXO



Calling it a day off!


Do this, do that, click here, check that…what have our lives become?

Today I needed one day off and needed to control my life and regain my energy….just to function normally…

Doing this is actually an art which not many of us conquer..

Calling a day off when you feel that today is the day when you need to relax, to hold back, to listen to your body…it’s an art to listen and understand your body and your soul! But how many times do we listen to our bodies?

Last couple of days have been so hectic ( well most of them are when you have two small kids and I think most of you can relate¬†to me) but I literally have been having low energy level…it’s like you are working like a robot, trying to catch up with everything around you, doing everything in same routine like you always do and when you lay down¬†in the bed late in the night…you just feel that everything is not as it should be!

I was feeling that way, I even felt sick last night and wanted to throw up, because my body was telling me to stop. I went to bed quite early than usual, hoping that this would help me the next day. Today I woke up at¬†6 am as I always do¬†& was fixing myself ..when I felt the whole world was¬†falling on me! I needed to rest a little more! I did not want to get out of PJs and I did not want to do my hair, I did not want to talk to anyone…and I did not want to go to work!

So I just called this day off!

I sent my children to school, and then I layed down for two hours…

It helped me massive and I was back to normal again…I even baked and tried this new combination of pineapple and coconut muffins which turned out really delicious! I actually bought this pineapple a week ago and now it looked very ripe! And I hate wasting food so I made these yummy muffins real quick, following a recipe I always follow and just added this new combo, which I had not tried before! I also took time to take a few clicks…Enjoy!




My son made this cute placemat:-)



This was by the way my third cup of tea today!






Sometimes you feel a victim of life…there is so many things going on, and you need to follow most of it because there is no other way….or this is what we tell ourselves…but there is¬†a way…and that is to let it go …just this one day! It will help you in a massive way and you will be able to perform your duties in a much better way..And as I am writing this, my back is aching so I should just stop writing and relax before I go and pick up the kids from school…because soon the same routine will start….And I think I should take one Ibux too!

On that note…..have a nice Wednesday and take good¬†care of yourself!

Afternoon Tea…

If someone will come to me one Saturday afternoon…( or Sunday too) or any afternoon for that matter and will ask me to go with them to some afternoon tea place…I will jump with excitement and drop everything else and just go for it!

This is how much I love doing afternoon teas! But for the record I dont need to go out for afternoon tea every time. I feel I can make that classic afternoon tea party at home too…well any one can or any one who loves the concept..as much as I do!

Lately a few friends have asked me for recommendation for the best afternoon tea place in Oslo. Sadly Oslo in not London and not so many places are serving this classic concept! As a matter of fact there are just a few, very few places who are serving it properly and I have tried them all…..many times as they are really doing a good job!

Afternoon tea is something I love doing with my friends. We always have such a good time that I thought I would do a quick blog post for you guys who may be looking for something to do while the days are still a bit cold and rainy.

I am warning you that this topic is quite close to my heart so may be this blog post will turn into a longread! So I apologize in advance, but if you are like me, or slightly like me, you will love to read about it and I am going to share few clicks from these afternoon tea places too…So just chill, relax and enjoy the ride….( If possible go and get yourself a cup of tea…or coffee)

So here we go…..

My very first meeting with the concept of afternoon tea took place a few years back…in Harrods beautiful Georgian restaurant and that was when I fell in love with the concept! I do not have any proper picture of it but if you are following me on instagram, you can get a look at one picture from there..taken by mobile of course! The service, pastries, scones, jams, lemon curd, the company, everything was great!

I love to experience new things, but some things remain classic and one can enjoy over and over again…for me afternoon tea is one of those things…which never bores me and I am excited each and every time…

Let me take you to the past, the history….. just to understand how it all started….

It dates back to 1865, English Afternoon Tea is credited to the Duchess of Bedford. The legend says that the first lady to enjoy afternoon tea¬†was Anna Maria, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who lived at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire and was lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. Duchess of Bedford is said to have experienced a ‚Äėsinking feeling‚Äô in the middle of the afternoon one day and asked her butler to deliver all the tea making equipment with some bread and butter to her private room. She found this new meal so satisfying and enjoyable that she soon started inviting her special friends to join her for ‚Äėafternoon tea‚Äô.

Even when she went to stay with her aristocratic friends in their manor houses, she took her own kettle and tea making items with her so that she could continue her afternoon parties when she was away from home. The simple platefuls of bread and butter that first accompanied afternoon tea developed into much more elaborate selections of sandwiches, scones, muns, cakes, biscuits, g√Ęteaux and fruit desserts. And that is the story of afternoon tea’s birth. And now it is so popular that you will find so many good places in UK serving this concept and of course in other countries too…

Lets come back from the past to present and let me introduce you to the lovely afternoon tea concept in Grand Hotel’s extra ordinary restaurant Palmen, which by the way has been renovated recently, but I have not been there after they have done that. They have the most stylish furniture which makes you feel royality for a few hours! Good service, but I personally love places which gives me a warm feeling. I felt as if it was a bit awkward to talk loud or to laugh like crazy ( well, the way I like to do) But sure I do recommend for a fancy high tea experience! Take a look at some pictures…

From the Grand Hotel Oslo- Palmen Restaurant


Look at the interior and tell me that you don’t want to go there…atleast once!

And then there is Theater Cafe’ in Hotel Continental , which I would recommend for a small group of friends who want to chit chat and enjoy lovely pastries, petit four, yummy sandwiches…and of course delicious tea or coffee!


A cup of tea…makes me smile!


We also have Cafe’ Christiania which is an extra ordinary experience in itsself. A visit to Cafe’ Christiania is a journey back in time! The premises alone is worth a visit and you will meet highly qualified staff who will give you attention throughtout your visit! Loved it and recommend it! ( Don’t have a picture from there)

It is so difficult to choose one favourite…but I am doing it now! Drum roll…..Here it goes….

I am talking about Hotel Bristol in Oslo!!! My all time favourite and never dissappoints! I just found a few pics from my last visit there a few months back…




The moment you enter the hotel lobby…you can feel that it has a history and many famous people have been here before you. The building itsself is charming and the place where they serve classic afternoon tea ” The Vinterhaven” and ” The Bibliotekbaren”are timelessly classic! And not to forget the piano music in background while sipping your tea and enjoying your nibbles! Can it get any better than this!!!

Honestly I have been here plenty of times and have enjoyed each and every time! Highly recommending it!

I can see this post is getting longer and longer…so I will spare you guys and tell about one or two more places some other time…

Remember every place has it’s charm! And the ¬†most interesting thing is that you will not be emptying your pockets to pay for grandeur like some of the other popular afternoon teas in other parts of world!

If you are asking for my recommendation rite here and rite now…I would thoroughly recommend Hotel Bristol for a relaxed and chill experience.
All these places are in the heart of Oslo, not far away from Karl Johan street!
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. Go for an afternoon tea and let me know about your experience!
And last but not the least…a mandatory picture of me…walking through the heart of Oslo…
And on that note…Good night you all gorgous people!

Travel stories…

I love travel stories, I love to read about them, I love to talk about them and I love to hear about them. I basically just can’t get enough of them. I have travelled a bit, but I know I have to see more, experience more and enjoy more.

So far I have been to these countries:

Egypt, Mauritius, France, Belgium, Holland, Danmark, Turkey, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Romania, England, Germany…and my next stop will be….planned soon!

I am having travel sickness….I want to travel some where, any where.. where I have not been before. Having kids limits you where and when and how you can travel and even though I would like to travel to places I have not been to¬†before, I can not¬†do that and have to choose same countries many times which is¬†actually a bit¬†sad… because the world is so big and there is so much to see…

Every trip is remarkable and have something which I remember…but I would like to share a few clicks from my girls trip with my sisters and my cousins , the journey went to Warsaw, Poland and I remember every bit of that trip. Its like I close my eyes and the film starts rolling, so much fun and so much drama!

I’m a sucker for beautiful historic Old Towns or city centers and knew that  Warsaw’s old town had recently been rebuilt but I did not know what to expect. But I can tell you I was amazed to see it. Although you can tell by looking at the buildings that they are not original (many of the building facades are painted on rather than having intricate carvings or decorative details as they probably used to). Enjoy a few clicks and see for yourself!


IMG_1162IMG_1293-2 (1)IMG_1185.JPG

We took buggy ride…loved it!
In search of¬†a good cafe’ and there were so many….

Its so charming to see that even though buildings are rebuilt, there are tiny signs from old buildings, such as old bricks and stones which are from the original buildings!

Me doing what I always do….Enjoying fresh tea at this cute little cafe’ which I don’t remember name of…


I loved this trip, we had so much fun, so many laughs, yelled at each other, argued, even had a sister fight which is another story. We lived at Marriott at a very good price. Loved their SPA and food. We even got executive lunch and dinner¬†free of charge because they sent us to a room which was already given to someone else…luckily we did not see any naked scenes but it was quite close. So just to make us feel better they offered us¬†executive lunch and dinner…which we accepted of course!

Another funny thing that happened was ( well whenever I travel with my girls we always and I mean always get time to watch a movie in cinema…yes that’s so true..we live every minute of our trip…not a second is wasted! So we were planning to watch a film after dinner, found out that they were showing a film at 23:30 ( It was Cameron Diaz’s film…can not remember the name..but it was hilarious)…or I dont know if it was hilarious or we were! because we were the only people in cinema at that time..by the way I must not forget to tell you how fancy that cinema was….it was huge and so pretty…have¬†not seen anything like this before! So it was us and two couples who were the only human beings there.

Let me tell you the whole story in few words…

Firstly we had only 5 minutes to get to the cinema, luckily it was not far away from our hotel…so we ran like crazy…and while we were doing so… I realized that my sister was not wearing shoes….And I shouted ” STOP…YOU ARE RUNNING BAREFOOT”..and all the other girls just stopped…and she stopped too and then after two seconds she said ” THEY ARE NUDE!!!! ” and started running again….we followed her of course..and the rest is story!

The film was funny, or since we were dead tired we laughed like crazy and we owned the cinema hall…and we loved it! There is so much to tell about this beautiful city….If you have not been to Warsaw, you should! You will love it, everything from food, transportation, shopping, old town, architecture, history..everything has its charm!

View from my room



Travelling is kind of therapy for me. I feel that I need to do it to regain energy. I always travel long distances with my family, and try to do short 2-3 days trips with my girl friends and I feel I am lucky to have these girls in my life. So thank you girls for making every trip a fun trip..I can not ask for better travel partners! ¬†We are planning a trip soon…will share it with you guys! Remember to subscribe!